Try this method to know if your are ill

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Try this method to know if your are ill

The three – Myelitis (Vaadham), Bile (Pitham); phlegm(kabam) are responsible for the occurrence of any disease.  These three are supposed to be in the ratio 1: ½ : ¼ ,only then a human body is said to be balanced. If the human body possesses any disease, there will be an imbalance in these ratios.  So, it is important to know which one has had more growth.

Take the first urine in the morning after you wake up in a glass bowl.  Pour two drops of Gingelly oil (Seasame oil) into it.

Now carefully observe how the oil functions.

Phase 1:

–    If the oil twists and takes the form of snake, then the level of Myelitis has increased in your body, thereby you are prone to the disorders of Myelitis.

–    If the oil becomes round and takes the form of a ring, then the level of Bile has increased in your body, hence, you are facing or you will be facing the problems of Bile.

–    If the oil stands like a pearl drop, you have phlegm problems in your body.

After observing the above said, now note the next phase

Phase 2:

–    If the oil spreads fast, then you will recover from your disease soon

–    If the oil spreads slowly, then your recovery from the disease, will take time

–    If the oil stands still or gets immersed, then you will not have a cure for the disease

This test is easy to carry out, and it can be done at your house.  Never panic, most problems have solutions, you can consult your nearby doctor for more solutions.

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