Can Psoriasis be inherited?

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Can Psoriasis be inherited?

Is there anybody out in the world, who would say they do not love their skin? Skin does not only mean the face, but the entire human body is covered with skin – from head to toe. Each person – be it a male or female love their skin, and can be quiet upset if anything happens to it.  Unfortunately, off lately, there are numerous skin diseases being detected by doctors, some of which are temporary and the others may be permanent if not treated at the right time, in the right manner.

Psoriasis: a deadly disease

What is this? Well, Psoriasis is a prolonged skin disease that is commonly caused owing to an over active immune system of the body. It is pronounced as “Suh-RY-uh-sus”, P being silent while oral pronunciation. The disease is chronic and until today, doctors have not been successful in coming up with a proper, full proof cure to it. A person, who is infected with this, experiences faster growth of the body’s skin cells to, resulting in thick white or red patches on the skin.

Normally the regrowth of skin happens within one month, wherein the old skin all over the body is gradually replaced with a new one. But when one is suffering from Psoriasis, the skin moves rapidly upwards within days, and not weeks, thus building up thick patches known as plaques.

The major question now arises is that can this disease be inherited?

Unfortunately study and researches have revealed that if one or both the parents, or any other person in the family is suffering from this ailment, there are high chances of the new born also inheriting these genetical symptoms, and ultimately may land up suffering from Psoriasis.

Below given are details of the risks that you are associated with, if anybody in your family is suffering from this disease –

•    A person has 41% chances of inheriting this disease if both the parents suffered from it.

•    14% chances of inheriting Psoriasis if any one of the parent had/has this ailment

•    You may have 6% chances of suffering from this disease if your older sibling had it

•    And if none of your parent or sibling had Psoriasis, then there are only 2% chances of you getting affected with this disease.

Sadly, till today researches have not been able to come up with proper methods to test whether the new born will be affected with this disease or not. The only testing you may get done is a simple DNA test, that too can predict the transfer of this ailment only to an extent.

The only way you can avoid this disease’s intensity to be transferred to the new born is to naturally treat your problem. If this ailment is cured, before the baby is born, the chances become less of the disease being transferred, but at the same time there are equal chances of the DNA being inherited by the kid.

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