Skin Irritation after shaving

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Skin Irritation after shaving

Many of us face this problem of skin Irritation after shaving, in spite of using the best razor and cream available in the market.  Though this problem is faced by both men and women, women are the ones who are more affected by this skin Irritation after shaving.  Because of the summer heat, the hands, legs and tender parts gets dried up fast and becomes itchy.

This irritation problem starts only after your skin gets dried up.  To avoid this, you have to set right your skin after a shave.  Moisturizers play a major role in keeping your skin in the right texture and protect your skin from becoming dry.  They also have the ability to make your skin splendid.

Ways to protect your skin after shave:


Take a clean piece of cloth and dip it in luke warm water and gently rub your skin.  Now take either Jojoba oil or avocado oil and apply it to the shaved area, this will help prevent the skin getting dried up.


Grind strawberry and add some curd to it.  Mix it well.  Now apply this mixture to the skin.  Let it remain on your skin for 15 minutes, rinse it with cold water.  This method helps the skin remain soft & fresh.

Corn flour, Honey & Milk

Take a table spoon of Corn flour, add in some honey and milk and mix it well, so that it becomes a fine paste.  After 15 minutes of your shaving, apply this paste to your skin, let it remain on your skin for 10 minutes and rinse it with luke warm water.

Aloe Vera

Take the gel of Aloe Vera and apply it on your skin, let it remain for 15 minutes and then wash it off.  Aloe Vera has the capability to repair your skin’s dryness and give a shiny soft skin.

Honey and Vinegar

Apply honey to your skin after shaving and let it soak, for 10 minutes, now wash it off with cold water and apply apple cider vinegar to your skin and let it soak for 5 minutes, this will help in curing the wounds and helps in getting the skin becoming dry and removes itchiness.

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