Ginger/Gooseberry Juice to remove Stone in Kidney

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Ginger/Gooseberry Juice to remove Stone in Kidney


Gooseberry – 2 nos (big in size)
Ginger – Small piece
Honey – To taste
Salt – ¼ teaspoon
Jeera – ¼ teaspoon

Take two big gooseberries and chop them into small pieces.  Take a small piece of ginger and peel off its skin and grate it.  Take a blender and pour half glass of water and add in the grated ginger and gooseberry pieces and blend them.  Now add in Honey to suit your taste along with a pinch of salt.  Next add ¼ teaspoon of powdered Jeera and pour in a cup of water to the mixture.  Blend well again.  Consume this Juice after draining.

Frequent consumption of this juice will get rid of Kidney stone.

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