Can you Prevent Gestational Diabetes?

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Can you Prevent Gestational Diabetes?

The bliss of pregnancy is often impacted by a few health conditions! One such dreadful condition is elevated level of blood sugar during pregnancy!

Gestational diabetes should not be confused with diabetic women getting pregnant. Every woman during their pregnancy experiences some degree of variation in the glucose level and glucose intolerance. Raging hormones impact the glucose levels. Onset of diabetes, the increased glucose in the blood is identified during pregnancy. This condition risks both the mother and the unborn baby. Besides, the baby poses the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Even healthy woman may contract gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. Can you really prevent gestational diabetes? Yes, it is possible. A few precautions and lifestyle modifications would be highly beneficial to enjoy the pregnancy bliss reducing risk of diabetes.

Healthy eating:

This is just a general piece of advice for everyone. It has more relevance for pregnant women. To avoid increase in glucose level, a few areas of diet should be focused. The concept is very simple. Eat fresh and organic. Avoid white foods.

White foods like salt, sugar, potatoes, starch, pasta, etc. A pregnant woman may crave for sweets and spicy foods. It will be difficult to resist on crunchy potato fries or a sugary delicacy! Include these foods in moderation and limit the consumption.

Go for fresh fruits instead of fruit juices. Intake of fresh fruits provides you load of nutrition, fiber vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients. Fruit juices, although they are healthy, high in calories and sugar!

Include at least one dark green leafy vegetable in your diet.

Pick lean meat, reduce intake of deep-fried foods.

Avoid taking carbonated beverages. Go for nutritious and healthy drinks like tender coconut, butter milk, vegetable juice.

Eat small and frequent meals. Avoid intake of heavy meals, especially at night.

Schedule simple exercise

Remember that glucose levels are reduced dramatically with regular exercise. While pregnant women cannot go for heavy exercises, simple brisk walking would do! Walking has multiple benefits, besides controlling the sugar level. You may consult with your physician and get proper guidance to schedule your exercise routine.

20 to 30 minutes exercises a day keep diabetes at bay!

Do a complete health check before you plan for pregnancy

If you intend to have a baby, get a complete health check to avoid complications. Since the glucose levels are increased due to many factors, you health should be intact.

The risk of gestational diabetes is high with a family history of diabetes.

Maintain healthy weight

It is quite natural to gain weight during pregnancy. Excessive weight or obesity is one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes. Shed all those extra pounds when you decide to have a baby. A healthy mom can give birth to a healthy child!

In most cases, gestational diabetes resolves itself soon after the birth of the baby. However, the mother poses the risk of developing type 2 diabetes at a later part of life. Stay cautioned, healthy and avoid complications.

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