Simple Home Remedies to Control Blood Sugar

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Simple Home Remedies to Control Blood Sugar

India is the capital of diabetes! Abrupt changes in the lifestyle leading towards a sedentary life make us more vulnerable to developing this disorder. Unhealthy eating, lack of physical activities, smoking and drinking increases risk of diabetes. Yet, the high level of blood sugar can be controlled with little efforts. Listing out a few simple remedies you may try at home to control the blood sugar.


Okra, aka Lady’s finger is one of the nutritious vegetable. Of course, it is tasty too! Now, use it as a natural medication to curb down the glucose level. Increase the intake of Okra in your diet. Remove both edges of okra. Or chop the okra into small pieces. Soak the diced okra into a bowl of water, overnight. Drain it and drink it next morning in an empty stomach. The sugar levels will be reduced in a few days.

Fenugreek seeds

Methi seeds, which carry a bitter flavor, is a miraculous ingredient that helps improving diabetes. Just like okra, you can soak the seeds and drink the water. Alternatively, you can powder the fenugreek seeds, and use as a topping ingredient.


An aromatic spice used commonly to elevate the flavor of the foods. Cinnamon has anti-diabetic properties, which is very similar to insulin!  Daily intake of cinnamon will give the desired effect. You can add cinnamon powder in tea, in gravies and just mix with warm water and drink.

Bitter gourd

This has a direct proportionate in reducing the blood glucose levels. If you enjoy a feast, make sure to eat a few pieces of bitter gourd to avoid a dramatic elevation in the sugar levels.

Type 1 diabetic patient may also regulate their sugar levels with bitter gourd. Any form of bitter gourd would be beneficial. If you take in form of juice, it will be healthier. Make sure not to overdose, as you may end up with low level of sugar!


All bitter foods carry the anti-diabetic properties. Eat baby leaves of neem alternate day or three times a week. Your dependence on insulin will be reduced by 50 percent! Of course, it tastes bitter, but who cares when you want to stay healthy!


Known as one of the richest sources of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, Gooseberry, aka amla has miraculous properties in healing hypoglycemia, high glucose levels. Daily intake of amla stimulates the insulin production naturally. Eat it as a fruit, as a dry powder, soak in jaggery balls, and any other form you wish. Yet, intake as fresh fruit gives you instant effect.

Follow the healthy lifestyle, eat more fresh foods and stay active!

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