Living with Type 1 Diabetes

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Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus, aka diabetes characterized by insulin deficiency caused due to elevation of blood sugar levels. It is an autoimmune disorder, categorized based on level of insulin deficiency. At a first glance, both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes appear similar! However, type 1 diabetes is more severe than type 2! The former is diagnosed mostly in the younger age.

Type 1 diabetes, T1D is an insulin dependent condition, where body couldn’t secrete insulin. To the contrary, type 2 diabetes refers to insulin deficiency. The percentage of insulin deficiency is met by drugs and insulin, of course, the painful syringes! Since the body has no insulin, pancreas doesn’t have the ability to secrete insulin, patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes survive with insulin shots. Whether it is a kid or a 70 year old man, insulin is a must! So far, there is no permanent cure for T1D!

Taking care of your health is essential to improve the condition.

Make you committed to intake of medications properly. Missing a dose of medicine could be fatal. Focus on controlling your blood sugar levels religiously. Regular intake of medicines will help controlling and regulating the glucose levels. Get regular health checks to evaluate your glucose levels. The rise and fall in the level of blood glucose is needed to alter the dosage of the medicine.

Healthy eating is mandatory to manage and improve the condition. Go for low glycemic foods. Some of the low GI foods include whole grains, sprouts, legumes and beans (naturally curb down the glucose levels), brown rice, pears, peaches, apricots, figs, fish, green vegetables, leafy vegetables, etc.

While obesity is directly related to causing type 2 diabetes excessive fats and cholesterol interferes with insulin absorption. Make sure you avoid eating processed foods to cut down the fat.

Add more and more fiber in your diet. The body doesn’t have the ability to process the fiber quickly. Simply, it is called an indigestible carbohydrate. Fiber rich diet slows the digestive process. It prevents dramatic rise in the glucose levels. Besides, fiber foods control the craving for foods. In addition, it helps easing the bowel movements. Limited food consumption means reduced intake of calories. Obviously, it aids in managing weight. However, when you stock up on fiber, make sure to drink more water.

There are many alternative medications and herbs. A few herbs have potential to tone the pancreas, stimulate secretion of insulin.  You can try some herbal remedies at home. Add more fresh herbs as well dry herbs in your diet like fenugreek, curry leaves, ginger, basil, cinnamon, etc in your diet to improve your health.

Living with type 1 diabetes may be very challenging. Yet, with healthy lifestyle, it is possible to lead a normal life. Although being labeled as a disease that has no cure, advancing medicines and exploration of natural cures throws positive light on treating this condition.

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