Can Diabetics use Sugar Free Foods?

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Can Diabetics use Sugar Free Foods?

Diabetes, the disorder of the pancreas is directly linked with sugar! You are diabetic, say not to sweets! This is an absurd belief. Eating sweet and sugary foods doesn’t increase the blood sugar levels, rather it is increased by carbohydrates. Many diabetics restrict themselves too hard on eating their favorite desserts. Yet, they munch on high carb foods. One of the misconceptions of diabetes is going sugar free.

Sugar free foods or sugar free cubes is not going to help you in controlling or managing your glucose levels. The truth is, sugar free foods contain calories and carbs. Most of the sugar-free substitutes are not carbohydrate free foods. So, majorly it is the carbs that shoots up the glucose in the bloodstream.

Here is a brief outlook on sugar free substitutes or artificial sweeteners, preferred mostly by diabetics.

In fact, sugar free foods contain the elements collectively termed as sugar alcohols! As indicated by name, they contain artificial flavoring agents. The natural sugar, sucrose is replaced with artificial substances that taste sweet. For instance, sorbitol, isomalt, hydrosates, etc. All these elements are termed as sugar alcohols.

Sugar alcohol may not contain sugar, but they are high in calories and carbohydrate. It is very difficult to find a sugar free substitute that is carb free or calorie free. It makes no sense in adding some artificial food to your diet when you cannot derive the health benefit you are looking for. Besides, it also makes no difference in taking a sugar free substitute for sweet delicacies.

Remember sugar free foods come under the category of processed foods. They contain artificial preserving agents for long shelf life. Whether it is simple artificial sweetener or a complete substitute for a sugary food or dessert, say sugar free kajar halwa, each serving contains carbs.

Besides, the other elements added in sugar free foods make it very additive. In addition, the additional agents cause discomfort to the digestive system. Regular intake of sugar free substitutes will harm the intestines causing chronic disorders.

Disorder in the digestive system, affecting the pancreas leads to diabetes. Should you go for something that continues to hurt your digestive organs worse?

However, there are still many low calorie sugar free substitutes in the market place. Yet, they aren’t completely harmless and loaded with carbohydrates.

It is not necessary that diabetics should completely stay away from eating sweets or sweet foods. As long as the diet is healthy and nutritious with limited intake of carbohydrate, sweets can be added in the meals.

Focus on your diet, plan healthy meals and get proper nutrition advice to manage diabetes. Ditch using sugar free substitutes.

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