Can you add Juices in your Diabetes Diet?

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Can you add Juices in your Diabetes Diet?

If you are a diabetic, the first thing you are restricted is juices. Juices are high-calorie drinks when compared to the fresh fruit or vegetable. Even the doctors’ advice the patients with high blood sugar level to stay away from drinking any juice, both fresh juice as well as packed juices.

Fruit Juices are high in calories and carbohydrates

A glass of pomegranate juice equals more than 4 or 6 fruits. Consider the calorie count! Drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice has more calories than eating a fruit. In addition, sugar or sweeteners are added while juicing. It has more carbohydrates, which elevates the glucose level in the bloodstream. Juices are in fact healthy drinks. It gives instant boost of energy. Remember the good old days where juices play a vital role in regaining health. Diabetics need not avoid taking juices. You can add juices to your diet.

Avoid taking packed juices

The consumer market in the healthcare sector is lined with innumerable varieties of juices tagged as sugar free drinks. Please stay away from taking the sugar-free juices or packed ones. You cannot store fresh extracted juice in a tetra pack with a long shelf life, without adding the preservatives. Preservatives and artificial flavorings with coloring agents are food additives. Certainly, it is unhealthy for digestive system.

Fruit juices are healthy – Not all fruits

There are certain fruits diabetics should not eat. When there is a good control of blood sugar levels, there is no restriction in eating all fruits moderately. Yet, not all fruit juices are YES for diabetics. Healthy choice of juices for diabetics include pomegranate juice, orange juice or juices from citrus fruits, (it also gives a boost to immunity), fig, tc

Remember, only fresh juices!

Go for vegetable juices – A healthiest option in the world

Why just fruits do grabbed the credit as healthy drink in the world? Vegetable juices are healthier and even the healthiest option! Vegetable juice? ‘I don’t even like to take vegetables!’ This is a myth that vegetable juices taste awkward! It all depends upon the choice of vegetables and how the juice is prepared.

A smoothie is way more healthy, where you can add a number of fresh produce of your choice.

A quick tip: You can add cinnamon, brown sugar, elachi or other natural spices or dried herbs for added flavor.

Still, consumption of raw veggies and fruits in form of salad or whole food is healthier than juices. While the nutrients of each fruit and veggies almost remain unaltered, there is a definite loss of fibre.

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