Is Psoriasis Contagious?

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Is Psoriasis Contagious?

It is a misconception that has been in play from almost the time when people first discovered what psoriasis was. It is a misconception that never goes away and mainly because of the highly visual and chronic nature of the disease called psoriasis, there is this stigma surrounding it. If you are suffering from psoriasis you will understand how people move away in disgust if they see damaged skin. Psoriasis is a skin condition. But what exactly is it, what conditions does it develop in and what are the signs?

Defining the skin condition called psoriasis:

Psoriasis has scientifically been classified as an autoimmune condition that manifests on the skin. It can affect people of all age groups and has always been confused with leprosy. It basically shows ugly looking patches in different parts of the body, depending on what type it is. For instance, plague psoriasis forms on the knees, elbow and lower backs, inverse psoriasis manifests itself onto the folds of the skin, below the breasts, armpits and genital areas.It happens when there is an excessive reproduction of skin cells. Since it is chronic, it recurs whenever in contact with a trigger, like stress or weather changes.

Psoriasis is not contagious

No matter how much your elders tell you to stay away from people because you may pass on the horrific disease, you can absolutely be sure of the fact that this disease is not contagious, and you cannot pass it on to other people in any way. This is because of the cause of the disease. It happens due to excessive reproduction of skin cells which happen due to the malfunction of immune system. The extra cells move up to the surface of the skin and give a flaky rash appearance. Hence, it is not possible to pass on psoriasis because it is a completely personal disease owing to the failure of an individual’s immune system. Unless you know fo a way to affect the immune system of the person next you using skin contact, there is no way on earth you can transmit psoriasis.

Prevention is always better than cure

It may not be contagious, but there is no denying the fact that whoever suffers from psoriasis goes through hell. The itchiness, uncomforting skin, irritation and to top it all off people ogling whenever they see psoriatic eruptions on visible portions of the skin are a complete discouragement.

Unfortunately,there is no sure shot method of curing psoriasis once infected; hence it is advisable for you to always be on the cautious side. Also, steps can be taken to reduce the overall severity once you have been affected. Staying away from consumption of excessive alcohol, smoking, stressful activities will prevent the disease from aggravating more. Also, prolonged exposure to heat and sunlit areas may also increase eruptions.

Skin care too becomes very important. Using mild moisturizers and making sure that the skin is always moisturized is very important. This also implies less or minimal use of talcum powder, harsh soaps and perfumes as well.

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