Psoriasis and parasites – Is there a connection?

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Psoriasis and parasites – Is there a connection?

Many of you may not believe that there can be a relation between the parasites and Psoriasis. But yes, there is a large connection between the both! It is a known fact that Psoriasis occurs when the body has excess of toxic substances which trigger inflammation and scales on your skin. One of the culprits for the production of these toxic substances is the parasites.

More than 100 unique types of parasites are living inside a human body. There are three main groups of parasites inside your gut, which are single celled organisms, roundworms, and tapeworms. These parasites get the best shelter in the colon and can also be found in liver. So, psoriasis and most of the common illnesses are in turn caused by the parasites.

Symptoms found in a parasite affected person

The allergies to different kind of foods, anemia, abdominal swelling, gas, cramps, blood in stools, bouts of diarrhea, inconsistent bowel habits, coughing, filthy smelling stools, rectal itching, vomiting, weight loss are some of the common symptoms found if the parasites are in excess.

Once you are infected by the parasites, they start growing rampantly and live for many years in your body. The parasites slowly start diminishing the nutrients in your body like Vitamin A, B6, B12, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which in turn leads to several illnesses.

Parasites related to Psoriasis

The sundry parasites and Helicobacter Pylori are some of the common parasites that are directly capable of triggering Psoriasis. According to one of the research findings, the prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori was significantly greater in Psoriasis .patients than those who do not have Psoriasis. Some of the worms like Asacris, hookworm, flat worms, liver flukes that are found in the gut also produce toxins that cause Psoriasis to bulge out. There is also a research finding about other yeast and fungal growth and other chronic bacterial infections contribute very well to the skin disease like Psoriasis.

What is the remedy for this?

•    Clean your entire gut and remove the parasite toxins that play a major role in psoriasis. Colon hydrotherapy is a process that is followed to remove all the toxic waste that is present in your colon.

•    Following a detoxification diet or a rotating diet that can trigger the digestive enzymes and probiotics to re-balance the bacteria in the bowel. Removing the toxins from your bowel also repairs the digestive system.

•    Change the inflammatory diet that you have been following and follow a healthy diet that improves your immune system.

•    Shift to 100% natural and organic personal and skin care products which do not add on extra grease on your skin and keep them clean.

•    Do not take antibiotics or other drugs to avoid or expel the parasites in your body. Instead of this sun tanning may work better as the Ultraviolet rays kill the bacteria and keep the skin healthy

So, one should understand that Psoriasis is nothing but the reflection of what is happening inside the body. To resolve the condition, the treatment should also be internal and not external

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