5 Things to do in your 20s to Avoid Becoming a Diabetic

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5 Things to do in your 20s to Avoid Becoming a Diabetic

Diabetes is not caused by a single reason! Although it is a hereditary disorder, run over the families and generations as an ancestral property, the onset of diabetes is triggered by unhealthy lifestyle. Every individual in the world pose the risk of diabetes. Whether or not you have a history of diabetes run in your family, you should be cautious! Do these things in your 20s to prevent you not becoming a diabetic when you grow older! Although there is no 100 percent prevention to diabetes, you may delay the onset of the condition as well as stay healthy.

Get the ideal weight corresponding your height

Maintenance of right weight corresponding with the height is the key to health! Here we have a trap! Looking a little puffy doesn’t mean you are overweight. Similarly, looking slim and tall doesn’t mean ideal weight. Check the BMI and do all necessary activities to lose weight. The actual weight you carry yourself in the young age, say 20s and early 30s will make a big difference in your health and chronic illness you develop at a later stage.

Watch what you eat

Just everyone, even kids know that eating potato fries, burgers and frosting cake everyday wont save you from diabetes. Even if you eat the high fat and high carb foods in moderation, get an overall change in the diet. Awareness of healthy foods is spreading all over place. It is not a difficult thing to get idea about eating healthy food choices.

We couldn’t stress enough to reduce or even completely avoid intake of processed foods, especially white bread, pasta, bagels, etc. Reduce the intake of starchy foods and high calorie beverages.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Just like eating processed foods, smoking and alcohol is an indirect invitation to many chronic illnesses, more importantly diabetes!


Whether it is mild or moderate or severe, get some exercises! Inactivity causes obesity and obesity triggers diabetes. Losing weight is not an easy thing. Yet, weight management is certainly easier than former. Walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day prevents and delays the onset of diabetes.


Stress is directly or indirectly connected with much chronic illness. Besides, stress delays healing of other conditions. Get rid of stress and stay happy. Get a Me-time to do your favorite things. We are going to eat, sleep, work, fight and do everything regularly! Steal your time, de-stress yourself.

Of course, the above mentioned recommendations are not subjected only to prevent diabetes. Follow them to manage your health and ease away the diabetes.

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