Diabetes Friendly Cooking Ideas – Kitchen Tips and Tricks

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Diabetes Friendly Cooking Ideas – Kitchen Tips and Tricks

The most common question asked by diabetics, ‘What should I eat or what should I avoid!’ Being a metabolic disorder and an autoimmune disease, diabetes has no direct cure. In fact, the food lovers are more affected by diabetes. There is no need to toss your choices and go for fad foods to curb down blood sugar. Diabetics with extremely high level of sugar with insulin resistance have managed to bring down the sugar levels to normal.

You don’t need to sacrifice your favorite foods, restrict with bland foods. There are always health alternatives or variation of cooking to every ingredient. Diet is the key to derive optimal health in diabetes. Giving you a few ideas, tips and tricks to cook the favorite meals with a healthy twist!

The way the cook is prepared has more importance in managing diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.

Try out different cooking techniques:

Well, fried and roasted foods are loved by almost everyone! Even the extremely health conscious people cannot resist fried foods. Try out using non-frying techniques to cook the foods. You can go for baking or poaching the foods as an alternative cooking for frying. For instance, if you love potato chips, bake it in the oven! Steam cooking is the healthiest option. Also, you can choose stir fry method, which consumes less oil!

Reduce fat intake:

It is harmful to go for zero fat diet. Our body needs healthy fats. Reduce the intake of fats and avoid saturated fats. For example, avoid cream, butter, clarified butter, etc. Also, avoid using fat based foods. Soups are healthy, yet they are heavy when topped with cream. When taking salad, go for dressing with spices, not cream! Use alternatives of milk products like tofu, cottage cheese, blue cheese, or feta cheese. Avoid all other forms of cheeses.

Go Whole:

Refined foods, it could be anything, from rice, wheat, pasta, bread, etc are not health friendly choice of foods, just for anyone. It makes more harm in diabetics. Stick to whole foods! The reason to go whole foods is simple! Whole foods are low in calorie, low in carbohydrate, rich in fibre, and keeps you fuller for longer! Refined foods simply roar the

Reduce size of portions:

When you want to eat frequent small meals to regulate the blood sugar levels, reduce the portion size. Reduce the size of the plate to cut down the quantity of food intake. Use smaller spoons and serving utensils. Besides, it also aids you lose weight.

Eat freshly cooked meals:

Home cooked meals may not be healthy for diabetics when re-cooked! So, just go for freshly cooked meals every time.

Hide salt shaker:

Yes! Hide the salt and cut down salt intake. Alternatively, for herbal and spice based topping! The whiter is the salt; the more chemicals are added to make it shine! Simply go for sea salt. Sea salt has low level of sodium. Learn to cook by using half the quantity of salt the recipe actually requires. To elevate the flavor, use herbs and spices.

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