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Case Studies

1. Sonali’s wedding was postponed for nearly two years when she and her parents very much desired that she shed some of the excess flesh gathered around her waist and hips before the marriage took place. Otherwise a very attractive girl, she was very health conscious and remained trim and slim before her engagement. Her would-be husband and in-laws consented to her weight reducing programme as they too were very keen that she became slim once again. The carefree life and frequent parties and picnics increased her weight in the sly with out her or any one else noticing it for long. Once when she became breathless after doing even minor tasks, she realized she had put on much weight. After six months of attending swimming classes, aerobic lessons and other diet pills, the truth dawned on her that she reduced only a little but became more breathless and exhausted. Finally when she cam to know about people reducing their weight without strenuous exercises, and medicines, she decided to try it out. At first she visited me for the treatment of her breathlessness. I found that the underlying cause for her breathlessness. I found that the underlying cause for her breathlessness was not just obesity but the exercises and diet etc. she was following. She had been excluding and avoiding the balanced nutrition in her diet. She was also going without food frequently in order to reduce.

I corrected her food habit by making some modification that suited her, included essential vitamins and minerals in the form of raw diet, fruits and vegetables. Some self-help simple therapies which she herself could take at home and some yogic exercises, specially breathing exercises were taught. At the end of the second month, she was glowing with good health, energetic and she had reduced to almost her original weight. But she was warned that she should adopt similar eating habits and exercises even after marriage at least three days in a week because she had the tendency to become obese and ill once again.

2. A lady who was reasonally healthy till her twenties, steadily began to suffer from various disorders starting with bleeding piles. After the delivery of first child, she suffered from obstinate constipation probably due to severe indigestion during pregnancy. Her body lacked physical exercises as she was spending most of the day behind the desk in her office. Her weight steadily increased. Piles get seldom cured when there is gain in weight. She commuted to office and home by three wheelers and for wheelers, but never by bus nor by walking.

After the second child’s birth, she underwent tubectomy. A little more bulk was added to the body after this. A few more years later, she developed irregularities in her menstrual cycles. After few courses of hormone treatment, she had yet another surgery of hysterectomy. There was no looking back again. She rapidly gained weight and became abnormally obese for her age. Her low back and knees bothered her most with severe aches and pains constantly. Respiratory problems commenced. She suffered blocked nose and headaches. One more surgery on the nose followed. But her distress of regular sneezing bouts continued for more than two-three years.

A benign growth on the back was surgically removed one year later. By this time all the drugs, like antibiotics, antacids, analgesics, hormone pills, sedatives, and their combined reaction had adversely affected her general well-being. Many drug induced problems and severe side reactions took place. More depressed day by day, her emotions frequently got upset. The body weight reached an alarming 104 kg. An otherwise beautiful lady, she was so miserable and upset that her blood pressure which was perfectly normal all along started fluctuating from very high to very low. Her heart suffered a mild attack as a consequence.

She and her family members decided not to seek treatment in the conventional medicine as they totally lost hope. She had no strength or effort left in her to undergo drastic treatments and face the consequences. Encouraged y other members of the family, she took a firm decision to take treatment comprising natural diet, exercise, acupressure and hydrotherapy under my guidance. Though very doubtful about changing her eating pattern in the beginning, after regular counseling about the effectiveness of natural drugless methods to reduce, she developed keen interest to undergo a totally different type of treatment.

Her eating the wrong type of food at wrong times, gradually changed. Regular morning walks and household chores which due to low back ache she was not doing before brought a remarkable change in her. The gradual reduction in the weight and the disappearance of other troublesome symptoms made her a staunch follower of natural treatment, especially diet therapy and exercise. Today her weight is 78 kg and she hopes to reduce to normal weight by following the same prescription. She even propagates natural treatment among her friend circle and relatives. This is an example of how if one is willing to take the responsibility for one’s health, there is nothing one cannot achieve.

3. Shekhar a 7th std., student was abnormally stout. He was made fun of in his friend circle. They compared him to a roller to level the pitch of the ground when they played cricket. He sulked in solitude and became gloomy day by day. Abnormal hormone secretion in his body made him feel hungry all the time. Whenever he felt miserable, he ate more. His parents worried extremely when they brought him to me. This body was quite intelligent, but was lethargic which is one of the traits found in obese persons.

He was made to understand the dangers of obesity and an overall programme of diet exercise and other self-help methods were taught to him. I made him realize within a short time that it is his own responsibility to reduce weight. He turned out to be more energetic as he began shedding the extra flesh from his body after a month’s program of reducing the natural way. He now participates in all activities and stays trim as never before.

4. Alcoholic Reghuvir was also a good eater who loved easy life. It is strange that once he was a good sportsman, slim ad sleek who won many medals and trophies whenever he played for his team in all national events. The fame he gained did him no good. He fell into the company of socializing people, keeping late nights, indulging in frequent drinks and untimely heavy meals. This totally changed his once disciplined life. He lacked the will to join health clubs or even restart his sports activities. He became distressed as he started putting on weight. He developed double chin, flabby flesh hanging from his arms and legs and flesh around his waist and stomach. He puffed and panted and was shocked to know he weighed nearly double as he used to weight once.
During one of his visits to my place with a severe hang-over of the previous night’s party, I encouraged him to try nature cure for reducing weight. ‘Will it really help?’ he asked doubtfully. ‘Yes’, I said but only if he was willing to quit drinking. The first thing was to cure his cravings for alcohol. With much reluctance, apprehension and doubt he consented. A lot of counseling was needed to strengthen his will to change over to an entirely different types of eating habit, regular hydrotherapy, raw diet, exercise and acupressure were also suggested. He regained his lost vigour in a matter of few weeks as he reduced his weight to near normal. Needless to say that natural drugless treatment enabled him to quit drinking alcohol though it took nearly two full months during which time he scrupulously followed whatever was asked of him.

All the four above mentioned cases enjoy a very healthy and happy life today. They inspire many more who suffer as they used to once.

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