Treating Psoriasis with Ayurvedic Therapies

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Treating Psoriasis with Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurvedic therapies are focused on healing from internally. The treatment addresses the root cause of the disease. Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease can be improved effortlessly with ayurvedic therapies.

Ancient ayurvedic texts have some elaborated skin conditions that resembles psoriasis. From ayurvedic context, psoriasis is caused due to vitiation of vata and kapha elements, air and water respectively in the body. Besides, ayurveda also throws light on mutation or change in equilibrium of pathology system. For instance, you cannot combine a few foods together or eat together. Specific habits may trigger pathogenesis of psoriasis.

The condition is triggered by many factors. Not a single factor leads to psoriasis. According to ayurveda, Psoriasis is caused due to accumulation of low poison, leading to mutation of skin! To name a few, excessive intake of salt, alcohol, sour foods, etc.

From ayurvedic point of view, deep routed causes of most of the skin disorders are often ignored when treated. So, application of any creams or lotions can just mask the symptoms temporarily. It may have no improvement in symptoms and doesn’t provide any long time relief.

Ayurvedic therapies to treat psoriasis are focused on controlling the symptoms. Since the cause of the skin disease could be due to accumulation of poison mutating the skin growth, detoxification therapy is recommended in ayurveda. Removal of toxins from the body not just heals the internal organs. The detox effect is reflected externally too.

Panchakarma is the ayurvedic detox therapy. It is divided into five groups of therapies. However, not all therapies are administered to treat the condition. Based on the triggering factors, depth of the condition, type of psoriasis, etc appropriate detox therapies are used. Some of the common ayurvedic therapies used to treat psoriasis include the following:

Intake of Medicated Ghee

Ghee, aka clarified butter is one of the medicines in ayurveda. Besides, it used in many ayurvedic drugs, and herbal concoctions. Ghee enhances the medicinal power of herbs. Ghee is one of the essential ingredients that retain the moisture internally and externally. Medicated ghee, (ghee prepared with infusion of herbs) is fed to the psoriasis patient for a few days regularly.


Vamana means inducing vomiting. The patient is fed with butter milk prepared with herbs. It is followed by providing herbal concoctions which makes the patient vomit. The entire stomach is cleansed.


Virechana refers to purgative, giving laxatives to the patient. It is also one of the very effective detox therapies that cleanses and rejuvenates internal organs.

Mud Pack

Red soil has miraculous healing properties and alleviates the symptoms of many skin disorders. It has naturally cooling effect too. Mud pack made of red soil and herbal medicines is applied all over body to curb down the excessive heat in the body.


Authentic ayurvedic massage is performed to combat stress. Stress is also a triggering factor, that can worsen psoriasis symptoms.


Nothing but ayurvedic steam bath. Steam bath has many benefits to overall health. When it comes to treating psoriasis, it relieves the aches, retains healthy tissues, regulate the blood circulation and drains the toxins accumulated in the deep cells and tissues.

When it comes to diet, the patients are advised to follow specific diet to avoid aggravation of the condition.

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