3 Not-so Popular Remedies for Hair Growth

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3 Not-so Popular Remedies for Hair Growth

Hair growth is a natural and continuing process. Irrespective of the quantum of hair loss, hair grows every day. Growth of healthy, lengthy and strong hair is influenced by the several factors and is extremely affected by loss of hair. It is very obvious that everyone loves to have voluminous hair that crowns the beauty. Are you tired of trying various hair growth products?

Suffering immensely with hair loss? Discover the 3 lesser known methods for hair growth. Revealed here are the effective yet unpopular hair growth methods.


“Onion for hair growth?? Onion is used only for cooking and definitely not for hair!!”

It seems to be a very weird hair growth method, yet it is highly functional. Onion helps regrowth and restoration of hair quickly. Also, you will get the lustrous hair in a few weeks. Let’s see how onion helps your hair grow.

Dry, brittle, damaged hair with split ends obstructs hair growth. Boil some chopped onions in water and use the boiled water on your hair. The acidic properties of the onion help revitalize the hair roots and promote the growth of healthy hair. Your hair grows rapidly. Also, onions give astounding sheen to the voluminous hair that makes everyone jealous of your hair.

How to use onions?

Shred the onions and mix it with your shampoo. Let the shampoo absorb the nutrients from onions for 15 days and use the shampoo regularly.

Take equal parts of sliced or pasted onions (raw) and lemon mix. Make a hair pack and apply on the hair. It thickens the hair and stimulates hair growth.

Tips: Chop onions finely and boil in the water, which allows the water to absorb the nutrients.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Discover the second method for surprising hair growth with Apple Cider Vinegar. Your dream of flattering the beauty with long and glowing hair can come true with apple cider vinegar. The liquid is loaded with essential nutrients for hair growth. It balances the pH leave of the scalp, which is crucial for hair growth. ACV exfoliates the scalp by removing the dead skin cells and clogged follicles, which retards the hair growth. Additional surprising benefit offered by ACV is it clear up your scalp and make it free from damages.

Tips: Don’t apply apple cider vinegar directly on the hair. Dilute it with vinegar and water. Rinse your hair after shampooing with the diluted ACV.

Potato Mask

Similar to onions, potato works towards stimulating hair growth. Potato has the purest form of water. Mash the boiled potatoes and mix it with lemon juice and egg whites. Apply the mask in the hair from roots to the tip and wash it thoroughly after an hour. Potato mask promotes hair growth. Alternatively, finely slice the potatoes and boil it in the water. Remove the half cooked potatoes and use the water to rinse the hair.

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