4 Herbal Remedies for Hair Fall

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4 Herbal Remedies for Hair Fall

A lot of women, equally men, dismayed about the hair fall. Hair, the crown of the face adds to the beauty and accentuates the style. While the causes of hair fall vary from dandruff, stress, illness to pregnancy, it can be fixed in no time. A lot of medications claim to treat hair fall, yet, the claims move out in vain. Resorting to herbal remedies is the right solution. An array of herbs helps you get the beautiful, shining and thick hair and here is the list of top 4 most effective herbs that can bring great results. The specialty of herbal remedies for hair fall is it not only fixes hair fall, but also adds a load of benefits.

Fenu Greek:

Also called as Medhika or Methi, Fenu Greek seeds got potential elements, the proteins, that cools the scalp, thickens the hair strands and strengthen the hair roots. You can either choose to get the fenugreek leaves or seeds to apply. Soak the leaves or seeds overnight in cold water and grind it to fine paste the next morning. Apply the paste on the scalp deep into the root and across the length of the hair. Repeat the process once in a week. It gives instant result. You will be surprised with the thickness of the hair. In addition, the amazing cooling properties make you cool.


As stated earlier, hair fall is caused due to several facts, which includes dandruff, itchy scalp, fungal infections, lice, etc. The powerful antibacterial herb fixes all the culprits that contribute to hair fall. It treats dandruff and keeps the scalp clear. Moreover, neem leaves also contain the cooling elements that prevent the hair against too much of heat. Neem leaves can be soaked and ground to paste and you can apply the paste on your hair.


Henna, the natural coloring agent, has loads of properties to control hair fall and stimulate hair growth. It is just the best and most effective remedy of controlling hair fall. Henna fixes the causes of hair fall like extreme dryness of hair, itchy scalp, etc. Also, it balances the pH levels, improves the hair growth, strengthen the cuticles and retain the moisture content in the hair.

Hibiscus leaves:

Silky soft hibiscus leaves make the hair smooth and silky. Hibiscus leaves contain the medicinal properties that can clear the scalp, enhance the moisture content and improve the health of cuticles. Similar to Methi leaves, it also adds thickness to the hair by preventing the hair fall. Grind the leaves finely and apply the paste on the scalp along the length of the hair. You can get the soft, silky and shining hair immediately after the first wash.

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