10 Tips to Control Hair Fall Naturally

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10 Tips to Control Hair Fall Naturally

Loss of hair is quite natural and common, yet it becomes distressing when you lose locks of hair in huge quantity. Causes of hair fall are many and it varies with everyone. Poor health, diet, lifestyle, lack of nutrition, health problems, medications, etc. are the few aspects that trigger the loss of hair. Irrespective of many different reasons for hair fall, you can take a good control over it. Here are the few simple tips that can help you control the loss of hair.

1.    Stress is the major factor that triggers hair loss. While it is nearly not possible to stay away from stress, take appropriate measures to overcome it quickly. Take a shower, read books, eat a good meal or hear music to combat stress.

2.    Practice meditation at least for 20 minutes a day. Meditation involves deep breathing, which regulates the blood vessels and nerves in the body. It provides a good flow of blood to the scalp and strengthens the roots of the hair.

3.    Drink as much water as you can. Taking lot of water keeps the scalp dryness at bay. Also, it helps you in flushing away the toxins and regulates the pH levels.

4.    Stick with a healthy diet habit that contains all essential nutrients catering to the nutritional requirements of the body. Eat foods high in anti-oxidants to prevent premature graying of hair. Eat protein rich diet for hair nourishment and control hair fall. While many of you aware that vitamins and minerals offer essential nutrition to the body, protein is also crucial for strong hair.

5.    Massage at least once a week! Oil massage is an essential ritual to be obliged minimum once a week. Warm oil massage strengthens the hair roots, improves the blood circulate, nourishes the scalp and soothes the whole body!

6.    To control hair fall with quick effect, avoid high salty and sour foods. Salty and sour foods carry the same effect that it affects your body.

7.    Do not wash your hair excessively. For instance, regular or daily hair wash. It is actually not necessary to wash your hair every day. You can wash your hair once in 2 or 3 days. Daily hair wash may make your scalp and hair dry!

8.    Avoid using chemical based hair care products like dyes, coloring agents, etc. on your hair, as it might aggravate the hair loss. Use the herbal shampoo and conditioner.

9.    Stay away from using the hair dryers and other hair styling products to keep the hair loss at bay, at least until you regain the hair growth.

10.    Get adequate sleep. When you sleep tight, hair and skin repairs itself.

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