Home Remedies to Prevent Premature Gray Hair

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Home Remedies to Prevent Premature Gray Hair

Grey hair gives a distinguished look, but not many of us are endowed with the charismatic look with those grey strands!

Moreover, strands of gray hair when you haven’t reached the 30s turn out to be a disaster. Grey hairs make you look old and freakish. Hair has a tendency to lose its natural pigment and graying hair is a natural process caused due to aging, premature graying of hair, the morbid condition can be certainly prevented. You can’t rely on coloring agents and chemical dyes to look young. While the causes of premature graying hair are many, from lack of nutrition, inappropriate diet to lifestyle, there are effective cures in form of home remedies for premature graying hair.

Prevention of premature made simple with home remedies for premature graying hair.

Amla – Indian Gooseberry

The most effective home remedy to prevent premature graying hair is using Indian Gooseberry, called Amla. Loaded with rich nutrients, Amla is literally considered a hair tonic enriching the pigmentation, growth and volume of hair. Amla can be prepared in many ways to prevent premature graying.

Cut and dry the fruit into small pieces, boil the dried fruit in coconut oil, until the solid particles turn like charred dust. This dark oil nourishes the hair and makes it dark and fluffy.

Soak a handful of dried Amla in water overnight, rinse your hair.

Eat two or three Amla every day to retain the lustrous black shade!

Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves, a flavoring agent not just meant to add zest to the foods, but also one of the best home remedies for premature graying hair. The spicy condiment provides vitality to the hair and strengthens the roots.

Grind the curry leaves, make it a paste and apply on your hair, wash it after 20 minutes. Boil water with liberal amount of curry leaves, let the water absorb the nutritious value and of course the color. Rinse off your hair with this water.

It is an instant remedy to cover the gray strands. Yes, it contains natural pigments to make your hair dusky and shiny.

Alternatively, boil the leaves in coconut oil, massage your scalp with this oil every day, to regain the natural hair pigment.

Coconut Oil Massage

Heat up the coconut oil and give a warming massage to treat premature graying. In addition, coconut oil massage makes your hair strong and lustrous.


Get adequate sleep, the best of all home remedies for premature graying.

Get some antioxidants

Premature graying hair, a part of premature aging signs is caused due to free radicals. Eat loads of anti-oxidants, like green tea, chocolate, fresh fruits, etc to reverse the aging signs, which is effective in reversing premature graying.

Minerals of dusky hair

Iron, copper and zinc – the three major elements for healthy hair influence the premature graying. Eat seeds and nuts, red meat, yellow and red colored fruits to combat premature graying.


Wash your hair with lemon juice to turn the gray strands gain its natural color. Lemon has a natural coloring agent like curry leaves and gives your hair a black-brownish shot!

Follow the simple home remedies for premature graying hair to reverse the gray strands, look younger forever.

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