Premature Ejaculation – From a Different Perspective

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Premature Ejaculation – From a Different Perspective

Early ejaculation, widely referred as premature ejaculation is a devastating condition.  Although the condition is barely linked to all health concerns, it shakes the esteem and confidence of men! Accumulated by stress, lack of confidence, fear, etc., these minor issues compound into a major hazard for emotional well being. Enhancing the duration of the sexual encounter by controlling the arousal state is just necessary to eradicate the premature ejaculation.

Next to weight loss supplements, the consumer market with respect to health and well-being is loaded with hundreds of drugs to boost sexual performance. The claim is longer erection and the ability to control the ejaculation. Unfortunately, the drugs that claim to treat premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction has a lot of long term side-effects. Don’t ever fall for it!

Number of hours of sleep varies with every individual, as is the premature ejaculation. What you consider premature ejaculation need not be the same for others and vice versa. It depends upon the individuals and the respective partners. While Mr.X is emotionally ruined by premature ejaculation and lack of control over the arousal, the exact duration of sexual intercourse of Mr. Y would be perfect!

Around 65 percent of women don’t get an orgasm merely with sexual intercourse, irrespective of the duration of the intercourse. Whether it is a five minutes intercourse, or 25 minutes intercourse, it is immaterial in most of the women. It doesn’t mean men are suffering from premature ejaculation.

The fact is that how quickly a man ejaculates! Premature ejaculation has no relevance with age! Younger men tend to ejaculate earlier than older men!

How to cure premature ejaculation and prolong the sexual encounter?

The major cause of early ejaculation is anxiety and fear! Yes! De-stress and combat the depression in you to enhance the duration of intercourse.

Relax yourself. Do some breathing exercises. Hear music and get a soothing bath. All these will help you de-stress!

Do square breathing! It is simple! Inhale for four seconds. Hold the breath for four seconds. Exhale for four seconds. Hold the breath for four seconds. And repeat the breathing technique for 20 times.

Diet plays an important role in increasing the libido! Include more aphrodisiac foods in the diet to boost your libido such as dark chocolates, almond, aromatic foods, eggs, blueberries, etc.

Get some exercises. Exercises improve the blood circulation. It aids in improved blood flow in the genital part and enhances the duration of the erection.

Don’t overdo! Thinking so much about this condition or too much intercourse isn’t good!

Wear a condom! Most men don’t prefer condoms as they inhibit the stimulation. Wear a condom, which prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse.

Have fun with foreplay. As stated above, premature ejaculation is a state of the mind and it varies with every individual. Women are more aroused with foreplay than an intercourse. Sexual intercourse is a recreation! It is a way of expressing the depth of love and affection to your partner. It is a way of communication! Enjoy your sexual intercourse with your partner.

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