Herbal Remedies to Cure the Menstrual Irregularities

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Herbal Remedies to Cure the Menstrual Irregularities

The menstrual cycles typically range from 21 to 35 days. But a few women will have menstrual irregularities in different forms like heavy menstrual bleeding, shortened menstrual bleeding, inter-menstrual bleeding or spotting, infrequent periods, absent menstrual period, painful periods with severe menstrual cramps, prolonged menstrual bleeding, which exceeds for 8 days etc. All these problems have some or the other natural remedies and you can follow them for better benefits.

Natural remedies for irregular periods

An irregular period or oligomenorrhea usually refers to infrequent periods with intervals that are more than 35 days. Women with this problem will have fewer periods per year, ranging from six to seven periods only. The top ingredients which completely solve this particular problem are: Green or unripe papaya, ginger, aloe Vera, carrot, mint, cinnamon, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, turmeric, sesame seeds and jaggery. Some of the home remedies you can follow to have regular cycles are as follows:

•    Green, unripe papaya is very useful in regulating menstrual flow as it helps to contract the muscle fibers in the uterus. Consuming unripe papaya juice during your non period days will be useful for the irregular cycles.

•    Using Sesame seeds and jaggery in combination can help you regulate the menstrual cycles. Sesame seeds are full of lignans, which bind the excess hormones, and the essential fatty acids, which promote optimal hormonal production thereby helping in balancing the hormones. Since jaggery has a warming effect on the body, the menstrual irregularity is regulated. You can roast, grind and powder both the ingredients and have it on empty stomach on the second half of your menstrual cycle.

•    Dried mint and honey is a good natural remedy when consumed three times a day for few weeks.

•    Drink grape, parsley, sugarcane, bitter guard or raw carrot juice on a regular basis

•    Since anemia (less haemoglobin) is also a cause for the irregular cycles, you can eat 4-5 figs daily which normalizes the HB count and regularize your cycles.

These home remedies combined with proper medication from an experienced doctor can definitely help you to fight against the irregular or delayed periods.

Useful tips to cure other menstrual abnormalities

–    Menstrual pain: The best ingredient to relieve the menstrual pain is Ginger. You can just boil a small piece of ginger and add little jaggery to it and drink thrice a day after every meal. Doing this for just one month will reduce the excess menstrual cramps. Cinnamon is also considered to reduce the menstrual pain when it is taken in any forms like tea or even just chewing the sticks regularly. The anti-inflammary and antispasmodic properties of turmeric and fennel seeds relieve menstrual pain and also regulate menstrual flow. You can see much improvement when you consume a pinch of turmeric with milk, honey and jaggery.

–    Polycystic ovarian syndrome: A recent research shows positive effect of cinnamon extracts on POS, the extracts contains hydroxychalcone which regulates the insulin levels and thereby helping in menstrual regularity.

Each woman has different menstrual patterns and different menstrual irregularities. You can follow these tips to keep your period problems at a bay.

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