Say “No” To Those Costly Anti-Aging Products and Focus on Anti-Aging Foods for Natural Beauty

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Say “No” To Those Costly Anti-Aging Products and Focus on Anti-Aging Foods for Natural Beauty

The entire world has become so commercial that almost everyone uses the chemicals and anti-aging products to look young and keep themselves healthy and strong. But, one should always realize that there are some natural products which show their miraculous effects in keeping yourself much healthy. You can learn about those essential elements from this article.

Foods for longer life

How long you live completely depends on how active you are, nutrients you eat and the healthy lifestyle that you are following. Here are some of the foods for a good health.

–    Olive Oil: There is a valid research which supports the importance of olive oil in reducing the rates of heart disease and cancer. This essential oil contains the polyphenols and other powerful antioxidants which help prevent the age-related diseases.

–    Omega -3 rich fish: Tuna, salmon and sardines are an abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to prevent the cholesterol blockage in the arteries and thus helping in normal heart rhythms. They also help to prevent skin cancer and keep your skin look youthful with various other anti-aging benefits.

–    Red wine: The Resveratrol is the major ingredient in red wine that activates the genes which lowers the cellular age.

–    Nuts: They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals, so they also have the similar benefits as gained by olive oil. A study done by Seventh-day Adventists shows that, people who consume nuts on a regular basis will gain an extra two and a half years on an average.

–    Cocoa: The dark chocolates are rich in cocoa, which have flavanols that help to preserve the healthy functioning of blood vessels. The younger the blood vessels lower is the risk of high blood pressure, kidney problems, type 2 diabetes and other illnesses.

Remember that you can add much more years to your life by consuming these foods on a regular basis and keep yourself healthy and active for much more years to come.

Stay young in your external appearance

When it comes to the age factor, skin is the main element to be considered. Having a supple skin also matters how young you look. There are several foods that help your skin shield from the sun and other environmental elements. Tomatoes help to keep your skin smooth and beautiful because of the ingredient lycopene that is present in it. Consuming tomatoes, grapefruit, watermelon, carrots, guavas which are rich in lycopene helps to protect your skin from sunburn. Drinking the epicatechin-rich cocoa beverage improves your skin texture and has a good skin.

All kind of berries like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries are others are a good source of vitamin C. Eating vitamin C and antioxidant rich foods helps to avoid the wrinkles formation and other age related dryness in the skin. For good skin, preserving the skin-firming collagen is also important and this is possible with Tofu and other soy foods. These foods are rich in isoflavones which prevent the collagen breakdown and reduce the wrinkles.

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