Nourishing Foods for Breastfeeding Mothers

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Nourishing Foods for Breastfeeding Mothers

Breast milk! The healthiest and most nourishing food for the newborn until six months! In spite of too many milk formulas available in the market place, no instant formula can replace the nutritional value of breast milk! Needless to say that new moms should stay healthy, eat nourishing foods to feed the baby!

Giving birth to a baby brings a lot of changes in the life! From physical, emotional, and environmental facets, the new mom undergoes dramatic changes! To cope-up the changes, balance the new life and nurture the baby, it is essential to eat healthy foods! Eating nourishing food is the best way to gain health and nurture the baby!

Breastfeeding mothers undertake two challenges! Number one, eating healthy for own health. Number two, eating specifically to increase the breast milk quantity!  Both are essential. Let us look at the healthier and nourishing choice of foods to gain back the health! When you eat healthy, your body produces sufficient milk to feed the baby.

Hydrating Fluids

Breastfeeding mothers should stay hydrated. Hydration is essential to keep the brain active and aids in concentration. Fresh fruit juices in moderation, vegetable juices, soups, and broths can be added to the diet. Multi grain soups (Except peanuts), mixed vegetable dal, lentil soups, etc are ideal choices.

Make sure to limit or avoid citrus fruit juices as it may irritate the babies as well lead to acid reflux.

Lean Proteins

Every major meal should include a portion of lean protein. Not Recommended to indulge in meat consumption! The mommies can get the proteins from legumes and beans, cheese and full fat dairy products, etc. Still, smaller portions of lean mean can be considered.

Sweet Vegetables

Sweet vegetables nourish the lactating mother post pregnancy. Squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, etc.


Yes, ghee is an important food for pregnant mothers. Don’t worry about weight gain! As you feed the baby, the extra calories you store will automatically reduce in a few months. Ghee has a lot of importance in ancient and alternative remedies. It heals the intestines and digestive wounds. Ghee helps secretion of gastric juices, which aids in digestion.


The warm ginger provides sufficient warmth to the energy channels. It aids in reducing the bleeding and improves the uterine health. Known for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, ginger also increases immunity. New mommies are fed with a lot of ginger during the first two months after delivering the baby. The microbial properties also aids in absorption of nutrients. However, too much ginger may cause excessive heat!

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