Eat these Foods to Reduce your Pressure Levels Naturally

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Eat these Foods to Reduce your Pressure Levels Naturally

High Blood Pressure, aka Hypertension is one of the serious health concerns. Often, it is termed as silent-killer. If ignored, it may lead to chronic diseases of the heart, kidney failure and stroke. In the fast paced world, blood pressure levels increase dramatically due to many reasons.

While the causes of high blood pressure vary, the major contributors are obesity, intake of processed foods, intake of salty foods, inactivity, frequent intake of analgesics, etc. When you examine the causes of high blood pressure, most of them are related to unhealthy habits and errant lifestyle. Of course, high blood pressure is also caused due to certain medical conditions. How to reduce the pressure levels naturally?

Listing out the four super (simple) foods to combat the high pressure naturally with ease.

Eat Garlic

High pressure is characterized by sedimentation of salt and clogs in the blood stream. Eating garlic unclogs the tiny blood veins and relaxes the vessels. It reduces the stress in the blood flow. Eat two or three cloves of garlic in an empty stomach. If you don’t like the odd smell, roast the garlic, mix with milk and drink it every day. Alternatively, you can take garlic mixed with honey.

Coconut Water

A miracle drink of Mother Nature! Coconut water aka tender coconut is loaded with minerals and micro-nutrients. People with high blood pressure should check on their hydration since, they tend to get dehydrated very quickly. Coconut water doesn’t just helps staying hydrated, but also regulates the pressure levels.

Coconut water is just a solid remedy for high blood pressure!

Intake more water based fruits and vegetables

Just a very simple remedy to bring down your pressure levels. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly healthy. It has direct as well as indirect impacts in controlling the pressure. A secret behind this! You don’t overdo with intake of salt! Intake of salt is reduced dramatically when you stick to eating more fresh produce.

Melons, lemon, lettuce, cucumber, celery, berries, etc.

It makes a lot of difference in your calorie as well as salt intake when you a veggie sandwich or a fruit salad sacrificing a piece of burger!

A cup of refreshing and aromatic tea

You may wonder! How come a cup of tea can bring down pressure levels? Tea is rich in flavonoids, a form of anti-oxidants. It rejuvenates the body! Besides, add one or two pods of cardamom with a piece of crushed or grated ginger when you prepare tea. A cup of Ginger and cardamom tea makes a delicious drink! The aromatic and warming spices keep your heart healthy and regulate the pressure! Switch over coffee with tea!

Other foods that can lower your pressure includes,

• Bananas – a rich source of potassium counteracts with sodium

• Quinoa

• Dark Chocolate – a heart healthy food

• Seeds

• Sweet potatoes

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