Demystifying the Breastfeeding Myths

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Demystifying the Breastfeeding Myths

There is a lot riding over breastfeeding! Breastfeeding the baby?  Everyone has different concepts and a piece of advice for you. The modernity and hi-tech lifestyle made us forget goodies of the old. Passed across several generations, information you receive often gets interpreted! Since it is the health and growth of a baby, take no chances.  Demystifying the breastfeeding myths and misconceptions, from the long practiced, ancient view pointers!

It is ok not to feed the first breast milk, colostrum to the baby!

Extremely wrong! Colostrum is a pile of dense nutrients and an essential immunity booster to the newborn. More importantly, it has antibodies to make the infant fight against infections and diseases from the very first day of birth! Colostrum appears a bit thicker than breast milk and in a yellow hue!

Formula fed babies sleep better

Depth, quality and quantity of sleep in younger babies depends on their health, environment, etc. Neither the formula fed babies sleep tight nor the breast fed babies lacks quality sleep! If the stomach is full, the environment is comforting and the baby is fine, it gives sound sleep.

I don’t have breastmilk! Formula milk is my only option

Something that most women annoy is lack or absence of breast milk! Remember, your body will produce breast milk only when you try feeding the newborn repeated! The more the infant tries to get fed, the more nurse the baby, the more milk you secrete. Ensure steady supply of milk!

When babies are fed more, they don’t get sufficient milk!

Do you know why breast milk is stamped the best food for babies until 6 months? Dense nutrients and easy on digestion! Breast milk digests very easily. Besides, younger babies cannot drink much milk! It is very appropriate to breast feed the baby every two or three hours until 4 weeks.

Formula milk makes child intelligent

A stupid statement to the core! Intelligence runs in genetics, further, develops based on exposure, environment and foods! Not on formula milk!

Breastfeeding makes you lose your shape once for all!

Again an absurd statement. Of course, the shape and appearance of breast changes during and after pregnancy, yet it has nothing to do with altering the shape of breasts. Also, the breasts may be heavier post-delivery. Don’t rush to lose the baby weight any sooner after delivery. The longer you breastfeed the baby, the more calories you can burn effortlessly. Breastfeeding in facts prevents you from alarming breast cancer!

If you don’t drink milk you don’t produce breast milk

There are women who have an aversion to drinking plain milk! Most pregnant women would have heard this! However, secretion of breast milk has no relevance to drinking milk! Those who don’t have even a sip of milk can provide sufficient milk to babies.

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