Heartburn During Pregnancy and Ways to Overcome it

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Heartburn During Pregnancy and Ways to Overcome it

Mom-to-be women undergo a lot of physical and emotional changes during the gestation. The growth of the little one inside the womb influences and reflects in the pregnant women in many ways! The worst thing that a pregnant woman undergoes is raging hormones as well as physical changes!

The food pipe sends the food from the mouth to the stomach for digestion. Heartburn is nothing but acid reflux caused when the food is sent back to the esophagus, the food pipe by the stomach! It is simply an acid indigestion. The mild to moderate burning sensation extends from the bottom of the breast to the throat!

Due to excess weight in the abdominal area, and as the baby crawls and kicks in the womb, the acid is sent back to esophagus!

It is very likely that most pregnant women would feel the heartburn for the first time only during pregnancy. It is not a major concern to worry, as well as a not something that can be ignored! Heartburn is mostly experienced after the second trimester, i.e in line with the growth of the baby! This is a temporary illness and in most cases it will vanish away on its own soon after birth of baby. However, it causes a lot of discomfort in pregnant women, an added sickness to nausea, vomiting, etc.

Just follow these simple steps to prevent and treat heartburn during pregnancy.

Avoid big meals! Of course, due to the heavy abdomen, pregnant women may not be able to go for big meals! Still, it is good to stick to small meals. Divide three meals into five or six meals a day! Small meals go easy on digestion, prevents heartburn and indigestion.

Chew your food! One of the most ignored way of eating! The food we chew mixes with the enzymes produced by the salivary glands in the mouth. The more we chew, the digestion will be easier! When you swallow, it will delay the digestive process. It is not just for pregnant women, but for everyone.

Avoid acid based foods! Pregnant women develop a craving for spicy foods, of course not everyone. If you experience heartburn, try to avoid or eat small quantity of spices and acid based foods. For instance, avoid coffee, tomatoes, citrus fruits, highly seasoned foods, processed foods, etc. It would aggravate the heartburn and may lead to gastric problem and severe indigestion!

Don’t lie immediately after eating. Make sure to eat at least an hour or two before you sleep!

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