How to Ensure Health during Pregnancy: The Best Pregnancy Diet

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How to Ensure Health during Pregnancy: The Best Pregnancy Diet

Carrying a baby during the nine months of pregnancy is not only a joyous experience but also a big responsibility. You need to take care of yourself as well the little life that is growing in your womb. It is imperative for you to eat the right food to ensure proper development of the baby and to maintain your own health. The requirement of the body changes as the pregnancy progresses. During the first trimester, you need food rich in folate for the baby’s nervous system, along with Vitamin B6 to keep your nausea at bay and iron to increase the blood volume. In second trimester, vitamin D and calcium help in proper growth of baby’s bones, omega 3 fatty acids is required for brain development and Vitamin A for the eye, hair, etc. In third trimester you need a boost in energy and lots of Vitamin K as it is required after delivery for the blood to clot and breast feeding. Therefore, meals of the day should be planned to give the maximum nutrients in a tasty and healthy manner. Another problem during pregnancy is
the weight gained by the mother. It is easier to shed this extra weight and fat by healthy and mindful eating. Maximum focus should be in good and nutrient rich food as per the trimester that will help the baby’s development.

Best Food You can Eat during Pregnancy

There are some types of food items that you must include in your pregnancy diet. They not only help your body get the right nutrients, but also prevent unnecessary weight gain. Following is a list of food items to ensure proper growth of your baby and a healthy pregnancy:

•    Folate and Vitamin B are found in asparagus and black eyed pea. Some breakfast cereals also contain high amount of these nutrients and therefore, can be a part of your daily meals throughout the nine months.

•    As the baby grows in the womb, extra protein daily becomes a necessity for both the baby and mother. Beans and lentils are high in both protein and fiber and can be added to rice or salad dishes, as per your taste.

•    Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable and must be eaten during pregnancy. It is rich in calcium, folate, fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C. It should be eaten with iron rich food as Vitamin C helps in iron absorption.

•    Milk is a must have during pregnancy, but it also adds to plenty of extra weight. Thus, if you wish to cut down the fat content, take fat free milk. This will help in adding the necessary nutrients to your diet and cut down fat gain.

•    As the baby grows in the womb, you might feel tired very soon. You need energy rich food and potassium to fight fatigue. Bananas are a good source of both and can be eaten alone, sliced with cereals or in the form of a smoothie.

•    Green leafy vegetables are a must, as they are a good source of many vitamins, calcium, folate and fiber. They help in preventing constipation that can become a problem during pregnancy.

More than anything else, it is important for you to be happy and healthy during pregnancy. You can ensure proper growth for your baby by the right type of pregnancy diet and drinking lot of fluids.

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