How to Avoid Cavities in A Few Simple Steps

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How to Avoid Cavities in A Few Simple Steps

The mouth contains many types of bacteria, and a few of them can be very harmful. They attach themselves to the tooth enamel and start breeding. They might form colonies and these colonies can also be referred to as plaque. It is this plaque that is mainly responsible for the tooth cavities. If ignored these cavities might lead to severe tooth ache and cause major dental problems. This is why it becomes very important to take all necessary measures to keep these cavities at bay.

Here are a few measures that you can employ to avoid cavities

1. Brush your teeth regularly: The importance of brushing your teeth can never be stressed enough. It is advisable to brush twice daily using fluoride rich toothpaste. This will make your tooth enamel stronger by making it more resistant to plaque attacks. For kids below 8 years use just pea sized toothpaste. Use a tooth brush that has soft bristles. While brushing, brush the insides and the chewing surfaces of your teeth well. For better results, you can also brush your tongue surface lightly.

2. Floss your teeth: Though sometimes it feels like brushing your teeth does the job right, floss reaches the area under the gums and in between the teeth where your toothbrush cannot get through. It is advisable to floss before going to bed every night.

3. Use a mouthwash: This is one of the easiest ways to clean your entire mouth. If you have small kids, consult your dentist and find out which mouthwash will work best for your kid.

4. Eat healthy: having a healthy and balanced diet is also a very important step in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Cut down on sweets as much as possible. Increase intake of foods that is rich in calcium. This makes your teeth stronger. Almonds, milk and most dairy products are all good sources of calcium. Include a lot of green leaves and grains that is rich in phosphorous and magnesium.

5. Reduce snacking between meals: This will give your mouth more time to secrete acids that protect the teeth and gums from the bacterial attacks. Or munch on healthy foods like carrots that are not only nutritious but also help the teeth get strong. They also clean the teeth as they do not stick to it.

6. Reduce your intake of sugary drinks: It is important to reduce the intake of soft drinks too and not just the sweets. Drink lots of water instead. At the times when you cannot avoid sodas and drinks, use a straw instead of sipping directly from the glass.

7. Consume foods that help fight cavity: Coffee and cheese is found to reduce the cavity attacks on the teeth. Cheese is rich in casein which is a source of calcium, this helps in keeping your teeth healthy. Also caffeine has elements that are known for its anti-adhesive properties.

8. Visit your dentist regularly: consult your dentist regularly for clean-ups and other dental treatments.

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