Best Exercises to Burn Abdominal Fat

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Best Exercises to Burn Abdominal Fat

Instead of going on strict diet plans or other harsher ways to reduce weight or belly fat, you can incorporate exercises in your daily routine. Exercise with right nutrition is the best way to burn stomach fat. You can consult your physician and gym instructor together and decide the correct exercises for your body type. Exercising is the most important aspect in weight reduction. Daily workout of any form for 45-60 minutes helps you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Body balance and great metabolic ratio can be achieved with exercises.

Top exercises to burn fat around the abdomen and hips

Before starting a workout regimen the first thing you must ensure is to select an activity which will make you have fun and stay dedicated till and after you have achieved your goal.

Swimming – Swimming is one the best exercises for all age groups. It is a whole body workout. The constant hand and leg movements help you lose fat while strengthening muscles. The Stomach muscles are also stretched while doing these actions and constant holding and releasing of breathe works on the stomach muscles helping to reduce fat. Swimming is also known to be a good stress buster. It is the best exercise for people with joint or back pains.

Cycling–Riding a cycle is another great and fun way of exercising. Along with legs, thighs and calf muscles, your stomach muscles are also exercised. Going for trail rides helps you enjoy your ride, enjoy nature and also keep you fit. If you have budget constraints then riding a stationary cycle at the gym or at the comfort of your home while watching TV is a good option.

Stomach crunches–You can perform stomach crunches by simply lying on the ground or with the help of a ball. Doing it with the help of a ball ensures you don’t hurt or strain your lower back muscles. It works on your abdominal muscles by strengthening your core.

Start a sport – Start a sport which you like and which you can play with someone. If you are a person who dislikes gym workouts you can supplement it with a sport that you love. Getting used to a sport helps you stay active and motivated. An outdoor sport not only burns calories but ensures you have a lot of fun.

Stretches–Stretches before and after every workout is important to ensure there is no pain or tissue damage during the workout. Stretches also help in toning ab muscles.

Aerobics – If you love fast paced dances, aerobic activities are the best for you. It works on the entire body making your stomach and hips jump to the music beats moving all that stubborn fat. Fast movements pump up adrenalin levels in the body making you feel energetic. Aerobics is not recommended for all body types hence you can consult your physician before you start it.

Other exercises like skipping, jogging, brisk walking or walking on the treadmill and cross training are also high impact workouts suitable for getting rid of stubborn belly fat. Pick a workout plan which you can keep up to and you will see your abdomen size shrink in no time.

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