How to Get a Flat Tummy in a Short Time

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How to Get a Flat Tummy in a Short Time

A flat tummy is the secret to beauty and a younger looking body. A person who is fortunate to have a beautiful body can flaunt any type of dress. Be it western wear or traditional, they can wear anything without feeling conscious. More than an ugly appearance, abdominal fat affects the health in a negative way. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat and as the abdomen stores maximum amount of fat in the body, it gives us an idea about the amount of extra fat in that part. The more the BMI, higher is the risk of having cardiovascular problems in the long run.

It is a general tendency of the body to store unused fat from the food we eat. This fat, stored around the vital organs in the abdomen, make it bulge out. People who have a sedentary lifestyle, who have to sit or stand for a longer period of time and women after pregnancy tend to collect a lot of fat around their abdominal parts. When you start exercising, this is the toughest fat storage to fight. It is easy to shed fat and reduce inches from parts like arms, thigh, waist, etc. But the tummy tends to remain the problem area if you do not pay proper attention there.

Fighting the Abdominal Fat

The most important factor that ensures proper reduction of inches around the tummy and hips is a proper diet. Exercise is important, but along with it if you refuse to follow a proper diet, you will never win the battle against your ugly tummy. Here are a few points that will help you lose weight fast and in a healthy manner.

• The correct exercise regime helps you in concentrating on the parts of the body that needs utmost attention. Whether you choose to just walk a few miles every day, hit a gym, practice yoga or just have a physical trainer at your place; consistency is imperative. Any type of physical activity starts showing results only after 4 weeks, after which you need to continue till you have achieved your target.

• Set your target as per your current body weight and your ideal body weight. You can check your ideal body weight and size as per your height and age with your doctor, any physical trainer or online. It is a common belief that losing five kilograms in a month is healthy and will not cause any complications.

• After exercise, next comes diet control. You may consult a dietician for a diet chart to help you lose fat effectively. There are many types of effective diet charts available online that can help you get that flat tummy within a short time. You just need to stick to one plan and follow it religiously. If you do not make changes in your diet, the fat will continue to get stored around the abdomen making all your exercise useless.

• Yoga combined with a natural balanced diet is the best way to lose weight, recommended by many doctors. Yoga heals the body inside out and also helps you get rid of psychosomatic problems as well. A balanced diet, low in fat contents, gives the body stamina and all necessary nutrients required for muscle repair after exercise.

Do not consider exercise and a healthy diet as a part time solution to just lose weight. It is our responsibility to keep our bodies healthy so that we are not faced with health issues in the future.

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