Healthy and Hygienic Feeding

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Healthy and Hygienic Feeding

Knowledge about Breastfeeding is just a beginning! In spite of decades and centuries long history, breastfeeding has a lot of personal opinions, myths and common beliefs. In spite of too many ideas and suggestions milling over breastfeeding, taking good care of hygiene is most important. Hygiene is crucial for the baby. Lack of hygiene ruins the health of the babies. Breast milk is the basic healthy food available for the babies. Observing an extra level of personal hygiene is extremely essential to prevent babies getting infected.

Just imagine, what happens when the baby sucks the dirty breasts? Surely it will cause infection.

Hygiene while lactating the baby not just include taking the shower regularly, cleaning the breasts and nipples before feeding the baby. It has a lot more to explore and practice.


Don’t rush while taking a shower. Remember that the breasts are cleaned to perfection and there are no remnants of soaps in the breasts. Use mild soaps or liquids soaps when bathing.

Cleaning the breasts

Make sure to clean or wipe the breasts using cotton or soft cloth dipped in warm water.  Dry the breasts. Do this every time before and after feeding the baby. The breast milk that spills on the brassier may not appear a big deal. However, it may create an unlikely and foul odor, causing discomfort.

Besides, keep the nipples moistened before you feed the baby. Dry nipples make it hard for the child to suck the milk.

Cover the breasts

It is the customary to feed the baby with alternative breasts. Make sure to cover the other breast (when the baby is fed on one breast) and prevents the milk spilling on the clothes.

Breast pads are available to absorb the milk and keep the cloth free from stains. However, it is essential to change the breast pads every three to four hours.

Wear soft and comforting innerwear

Special nursing bras are available for the lactating moms. Do use it at least for six months, until you start feeding solid foods to the baby. Ensure to wear right size bra!

Test the breast milk

Yes, breast milk may turn bad! Sick baby may not feed on you at regular intervals. For instance if your baby has fever, she may ignore feeding on you for a while. The milk secrete on the body is stored, which turns bad in a while. Squeeze the milk out when the baby miss a feed.

In addition, don’t worry about eating extra calories and eating extra. What you eat is carried to your baby! Your personal hygiene affects the baby too!

Stay healthy, hygienic, wear soft clothing, and enjoy the motherhood!

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