What are the Complications of High Blood Pressure?

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What are the Complications of High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, aka hypertension is one of the complicated health conditions. The elevation of pressure levels isn’t dangerous to health. Rather, the pressure levels affect the malfunctions the vital organs.

Increase in the blood pressure stimulates the heart to pump the blood faster. When the heart is pushed and forced, the muscles become weaker! This is just an example of how complicated high blood pressure is! Let us look briefly about the moderate to severe health complications of high blood pressure.

Heart Attack / Heart Failure

Just as mentioned above, when the heart is forced to function harder than its capacity, the muscles become weaker. When we work hard, we get tired, as so is our heart! Besides, it also leads to enlarge or thicken the arteries preventing the blood inflow and outflow, leading to heart attack, heart failure, stroke etc. This can be a permanent heart failure or a moderate to severe heart attack, determined by overall health of an individual.

Narrowing of Blood Vessels

Accumulation of salt in the blood vessels a cause hypertension narrows the blood vessels. The tiny blood vessels become further smaller, which makes it difficult to carry the blood. Lack of oxygenated blood supply prevents the normal functions of organs. It also leads to inflammation, pain, etc.

Coronary Heart Disease

Due to enlargement or thickening of heart chambers, sufficient blood is not pumped into the heart chambers freely. The narrowness of heart arteries receives moderate or tiny amount of blood for purification. Certainly, it causes irregular heart rhythms, called arrhythmias. It leads to severe damages to the arteries and ends up with chronic heart disease.


Stroke occurs due to lack of oxygen supply and nutrients in a part of brain. When there is no oxygen in the brain, the brain cells start to die! In most cases, it leads to blood clots caused by clogged arteries responsible for sending blood to the brain.

Kidney Problems

Since the blood vessels in all parts of the body may be narrowed, it also affects the blood vessels near the kidney. Damages to the tiny vessels in and around kidney ruin the functions of the kidney. When kidney fails to function properly it leads to accumulation of wastes in the body!

Since high blood pressure causes no symptoms, it is very easy to ignore! Be wary about your diet and get some physical activities, reduce salty foods and check the pressure levels periodically!

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