5 Reasons why should you Breastfeed

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5 Reasons why should you Breastfeed

Breastfeeding the baby is crucial until 6 months for the baby! No food can nourish the baby like breast milk. However, most moms find it difficult to breastfeed the baby for numerous reasons. Yet, mothers are accountable to ensure that the baby gets sufficient breast milk to avoid the consequences.

Breastfeeding is not just healthy for babies, but has a lot of benefits to mom and the baby in many facets. Let us examine the potential benefits of breastfeeding the baby!

Breastfeeding is economical and protective

Let us get it straight! It is just inexpensive, rather a free nutritional formula for baby. It is only the mother who has to take care of the foods she eats. You need send hundreds and thousands on buying baby formula! Besides, it also cut downs the medical expenses on child health. Since breastfed babies gain more immune power, it also protects the child from frequent infections.

Breastfed babies have more resistance to infections!

Breastfeeding saves time and reduces risk

Yes! If you formula feed the baby, you need to wash and sterilize the feeding bottles every time to perfection. You cannot take risk on child health. It reduces the time spent on managing the feeding supplies! Imagine, what happens when you feed the baby with un-cleaned bottle?

It may appear absurd! Just think about moms who have little help at home to take care of her baby! When the baby is crying or hungry, you can immediately feed the baby!

Breastfeeding helps the mothers to get extra rest  

Women generally need a lot of rest post-pregnancy! Just like the granny’s say birth of baby gives a new birth to mother, new moms need a lot of rest! Breastfeeding isn’t a big task when your baby learned to get the milk. When you feed the baby, you obviously get some much needed rest!

Breastfeeding helps you lose weight

Getting back in shape and losing the baby weight is the major concern for many moms! It is indeed difficult! All your calories you earned during the gestation and post-pregnancy can be reduced to a great extent when you breastfeed the baby. The calories you gain will be reduced with ease as long as you breastfeed the baby.

Breastfeeding mothers delays the risk of lifestyle disorders

Breastfeeding is closely related to many lifestyle disorders that women counterpart may catch at the later stage of life. Needless to say, breastfeeding prevents and reduces the risk of breast cancer, post menopausal blues, osteoporosis, ovarian problems and ovarian cancer!

Breastfeed the baby and stay healthy!

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