4 Delicious Foods Your Brain Loves

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4 Delicious Foods Your Brain Loves

You are what you eat! The health condition of an individual is determined majorly by the food habits, closely followed by lifestyle! When you eat healthy and nutritious, you brace yourself from a number of health ailments, including chronic and degenerative diseases. Brain is not an exception from the above. The diet should include brain nourishing foods.  Your brain loves these foods! Don’t miss them in your diet. Healthy brain makes you smart, healthy, and active!

Check out the foods that your brain love!


Brain loves nuts! Nuts doesn’t make you nutty, rather they stimulate you! Walnuts are special to the brain! It is one of the good sources of omega 3 fatty acid, an essential nutrient for brain function. As a bonus, walnuts also contain antioxidants. Your brain stays active and younger for years! A specific type of DHA in walnuts is proven to boost the overall functions of brain! More to say, walnuts also enhances healing in brain.

What a coincidence! Even walnuts look like brain!!!


Your brain love apples, one of the delicious and sweet-smelling fruits! Rich in micro-nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and phyto-nutrients, apples can prevent and protect your brain from oxidative damages. In addition, taking an apple a day not just keeps the doctor away, but also keels neurological diseases at bay!

Don’t say apple of my eyes! It could be apple of brain!

Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Eating chocolates doesn’t cause you cavities or make you gain weight! It stimulates the brain functions. Dark chocolates are an instant mood booster! The reason behind is chocolates releases the happy hormones endorphins, reduces the stress!  Besides, the ultra powerful antioxidants naturally boost the brain functions. It also prevents the oxidative stress in the brain. Feeling sick, dull, aching or tired or something clogged you? Snack on a piece or two of dark chocolates!

You should taste the mild bitterness in your mouth with the utterly delicious chocolate flavor!

Coconut Oil

Not everyone loves the flavor and aroma of coconut oil used in cooked! Yet, using coconut oil gives an extra layer of flavor to the foods! Besides, it is just so good for your brain. Coconut is one of the super foods.

Coconut oil has potential enough to reverse the brain damages, Alzheimer disease, etc. It is one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids, EFA. Additionally, coconut oil contains the rarest amino acid called Lauric acid, which is found only in breast milk. The micronutrients and fatty acids make your brain function at high levels!

If you don’t love foods cooked with coconut oil, you can just sizzle the coconut oil on the foods. Mix three fourth portion of your regular oil with one fourth portion of coconut oil to get that boost!

Certain curries and gravies cooked in coconut oil tastes delicious! For instance, mixed vegetable stew (aviyal). You may include those recipes often in your diet.

Everyone is at the risk of developing degenerative diseases of the brain like Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc. Make sure you are less risky and eat the foods loved by your brain.

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