5 Ways to Boost your Brain Power

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5 Ways to Boost your Brain Power

When you have the overall health, still lacks zest, obviously your brain needs some stimulation. Laziness or lack of concentration, inability to perform tasks for no obvious reasons, confusion, etc may be a signal that your brain functions are not optimal. You may want to excel in your exams; prepare a project that may fetch you a great recognition in your workplace; or simply, want to avoid getting the good old disease of the brain, that make you forget everything when you turn old! It could be anything; Just do these simple things to stimulate the brain cells and get the most of the brain power.

Meditate with deep breathing

Most of the time, brain lacks sufficient oxygen and blood. When you meditate, you may get rid of the confusing thoughts hammering in your mind. Of course, it isn’t possible to meditate with no thoughts in your mind. You may still think about one or two elements. Just sit in silence in a calm place for a few minutes, paired with deep breaths. Your brain will get oxygen boost and it refreshes the body!

Laugh, crack jokes

Humor sense is one of the gifted senses mankind is bestowed with! Not everyone is humorous. Humorous people are certainly the gifted ones. When you laugh, it stimulates the brain cells and releases the happy hormones. It is a natural stress buster and inhibits stress and depression.

Get a daily dose of laughter by watching some funny posts online, reading jokes and watching television! Kids are best stress busters. Enjoy time with them.

Try something new

Your brain would cherish you if you try something new! It could be anything. Designing a webpage; cooking a meal; trying an art; designing a cloth; painting and coloring; learn a new language; and there is no limit!

When you try something new, it gives full workout to the brain just like an intense physical activity session. Not just it expands your knowledge, but nourishes the brain.

Turn off the electronics in your bedroom

Whether it is a television, or a smart phone, laptop, computer, an iPod or a media system, make sure to turn it all off before you go to bed. Ensure that the room has no blue light! The electronic rays simply affect the quality and depth of the sleep!

Do some mindful activities

Each one of us has a kid inside! Keep that child active and often let the child in you come out. Kids do some stupid crazy things, which are quite lovable. Indulge in some mindful activities. For instance, enjoying the aromatic cooking and concentrate for some time on the aroma; looking at the water flowing or even the shower; enjoying the fragrance of shampoo and soap; see how the cloud moves or how the shape of the cloud changes; It takes only a minute or two to concentrate; the mindfulness rejuvenates the brain as you stay attentive.

Finally, get some good rest to your brain. Take frequent breaks from work; if you work with full concentration for an hour, get a break for 5 minutes!

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