How Dangerous is snoring?

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How Dangerous is snoring?

Snoring! Who cares? Just everyone snores! The attitude of many who snores! It is true. Yet, snoring is quite dangerous when left unaddressed.

Snoring is caused due to two major reasons, respiratory problems and sleep apnea! Snoring is often an outcome of blockages in the nasal path, severe cold and cough, throat infection, excessive work pressure putting you into deep sleep where you snore accidentally due to disrupted breathing, and many more. Besides, snoring causes due to sleep apnea, disrupted sleep due to lack of proper breadth!

The way you snore reveals the kind of health risk you are exposed to!

• When you snore with closed mouth, you are more likely to have problem with your tongue like mouth ulcer, etc.

• Open mouth snoring means you have problems in your throat. It could be an infection, swollen muscles, tissues, etc.

• When you snore while you sleep on your back, it is a simple indication that you need to change your sleeping position.

• When you snore regardless of changing sleep positions, it needs a comprehensive treatment.

Snoring is actually a sign of a health condition! A health risk is hidden behind your snoring! When you consider respiratory blockages, there are so many reasons to count on. When the air inflow and outflow is not free, it leads to breathing through mouth. It is triggered by a lot of things namely congestion, allergy, sinus, swollen tonsils, sleep medications, etc. Besides, health risks, snoring is also caused by alcohol consumption, sedatives and smoking. Another surprising reason for snoring is your weight! If you weigh heavy and likely to be obese or simply you are obese, it could be the reason for your snoring.

Snoring itself becomes dangerous when the waking hours of a person is affected. Chronic snoring leads to sleep apnea. You may chock in your sleep with disrupted breathing. It in turn affects the quality of the sleep, which will make you extremely drowsy the next day. The best and worst part of chronic snoring is, the affected individual may not be aware about this condition, but it ruins the spouse and children, who sleeps with them! Snoring is quite serious as deprived sleep may lead to poor oxygen supply to the blood vessels and nervous system. Alarmingly, those who have chronic snoring are prone to develop cardiac diseases, hypertension, stroke, etc.

Arrhythmia is one of the health risk posed by those whose snore! It is nothing but irregular heart rhythms. Irregularity of heart beat is dangerous, whether it beats faster or slower is immaterial.

Other health risks of snoring includes,

• Loss of bladder control (happens with extreme snoring)

• Chronic headache (of course caused due to disturbed sleep)

• Mental health deprivation (just think about how your family could bear this)

• Gerd / Acidity – it is common in people with disrupted sleep

When you snore heavily and feel sleepy during working hours (After trying all the self-healing remedies and at home tips) consult with your physician immediately to root the problem. Eliminating the root cause is the best remedy to stop snoring.

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