Holistic Approach to Prevent Impotency

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Holistic Approach to Prevent Impotency

Impotency! It is something that ruins a man’s esteem and everything!  Impotency is often related to erectile dysfunction. However, in men, low sperm counts or absence of sperm counts or unhealthy sperm, etc where they don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction also marks as impotency. It can be termed as sexual dysfunction, more than bluntly terming impotency. The dysfunction can be very mild to severe. In more than half of the men population who suffer from sexual dysfunction merely lacks confidence. Besides, stress and fear ruin them.

Sexual dysfunction may include premature ejaculation, fatigue,     lack of proper erection, etc. How to prevent and treat impotency aka sexual dysfunction? Here is a holistic outlook handling the sexual dysfunction with ease.

Rescue with diet

Secure your body and sexual health with diet. Include lots of onions and garlic in your diet. A glass of milk with crushed garlic is a great libido booster for men. It also improves the strength of sexual organs. In addition, add figs, honey and almonds in your daily diet.

Color therapy

Colors play a vital role in making or breaking the mood. When it comes to sexual health, you may completely rely on red! Red is one of the most powerful and strengthening colors! It is recommended to wear red often to set the fire in you. Red color helps you stay energetic and enhances the blood circulation. Besides, women would love men wearing red!

However, if you have high blood pressure, you may choose pink!

Get the power of yoga

Most of the sexual dysfunction encounters like lack of erection, premature ejaculation, etc are merely caused due to poor blood circulation.

Do the lotus pose, aka Padmasana at least 15 minutes a day. This pose increases the blood flow to the organs and chakras in our body that governs the sexual functions. It is nothing but a seated pose, placing the right leg over the left thigh and left leg over the right thigh!

Besides, you may also try some kegel exercises to strengthen your sexual organs. They are very simple. Leg lifts by lying on your back, pelvic lift, stretches, crunches and pushups. Easy isn’t it?

Abhyanga – Authentic ayurvedic massage

Abhyanga, an authentic ayurvedic whole body massage is a mind body rejuvenation therapy. Abhyanga is performed by applying herbal oil with infusions of aromatic flowers, herbs and ayurvedic concoctions. The massage is done by applying different strokes to stimulate the nerves and soothe the muscles.  Get this therapy to relax your muscles, relive from stress, and improve blood circulation and a complete rejuvenation.


Yes, get your shoes and walk at least a mile a day to improve the sexual dysfunction! Walking is good for overall health and it is a great simple remedy to prevent and overcome poor erection. Men with a larger waistline experience the erectile as well as premature ejaculation. Walking helps you reduce and maintain a trim waistline. So, don’t ignore this cost-free remedy!

Try these remedies to prevent sexual dysfunction as well use it as curative approach!

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