7 Brain Damaging Habits You Should Stop Doing Now

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7 Brain Damaging Habits You Should Stop Doing Now

Brain, the control unit of the entire body regulates every movement. You speak, hear, cry, feel, eat and sleep as long as you receive brain signals. When your brain is healthy and nourished you are active. Unfortunately, we gradually ruin and damage the brain without our knowledge. Listing out the 10 brain damaging habits you should stop doing now.

Deprived Sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the major cause many illness from stress to degenerative diseases. When you sleep, the body cells nourishes itself, as so is the brain. During sleep, the brain gets sufficient rest. Lack of adequate sleep weakens the brain cells and accelerates the death of cells quickly!

If you lose one night’s sleep, your body will need around 30 days to repair itself and compensate for the loss of sleep. Imagine, what happens to you when you go to bed late every day!

No Breakfast

You ate almost before 10 to 12 hours ago before you get ready in the morning. You will have your next food almost after 4 hours after you rush to office or college! Imagine what happens to your body and brain if they are not fed for more than 15 hours, the healthy cells are just ruined! Do you know, brain consumes almost half of the nutrients and oxygen you intake!

The long break between two meals reduces the blood sugar levels, which in turn result with insufficiency in supply of nutrition to the brain! Besides, it also affects the quantity of oxygen supplied to the brain. Lack of oxygen makes you feel tired and sleepy!

You are a potato couch

Yes! As simple as that, if you are active or involve in any physical activity, your brain will stay active. Doing any physical activity, say exercises, yoga, aerobics or even walking, increases the blood and oxygen inflow to the brain, which nourishes the brain cells! Don’t be a potato couch anymore.

Troubling during illness

Yes, I’m saying, it is you! When you get sick, it is an indirect note that your body and mind need some rest. You should get some rest physically as well psychologically. Say, you are struck with moderate back pain or neck pain. You need to rest. Take off from office, work from home! What is the use? It still ruins your health, especially your brain!

Get the much needed rest!

You don’t talk much

Yes, you read it right! You don’t need to be talkative, but shouldn’t be silent! Funny, intellectual, romantic and emotional conversations stimulate the brain!

You overeat

Brain sends signals when you are full! When you overeat, the brain loses its ability to function. The arteries of the brain get clogged when you overeat!

You don’t drink water

Yes, staying hydrated is very essential for optimal brain functions. Brain is made of water and water accounts for 75 percent of brain! When your brain lacks water content, you feel dizzy and extremely tired!

Don’t do these habits and make your brain healthy!

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