Breast Cancer and You; Risk Factors and Safety Precautions

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Breast Cancer and You; Risk Factors and Safety Precautions

Breast cancer was considered a dreadful disease in the olden days. But with the rapid development and new inventions, it is always a curable disease. Moreover, unlike women in the earlier period, today’s women are educates themselves about the cancer and more conscious about their health and risk factor that may result towards development of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is very similar to other types of cancer and it is referred as growth of malignant tumours in the breast tissues. It is classified into fifteen types in which some are very severe and may lead to death sentence where few types are not so dangerous.

Breast cancer is developed in four stages. In the initial stage, cancer cells are grown in the milk glands or in the nipples. In the first stage, cancer cell spread to the tissues in the breast. During second stage, size of the cells is increased to 2” and may spread to lymph nodes. Next stage is the advanced stage of cancer where the cancer cells spread in the entire chest area or armpits with growth in size. Final stage is the metastatic stage of breast cancer where the cancer cells spread to other parts of the body.

Risk of breast cancer is high in aged women who have crossed 40 years. A clinical report states that, age is the risk factor that leads towards development of breast cancer and it constitutes about more than 75% of affected patients. However, there are several other factors that may result towards breast cancer irrespective of the age.

A clinical study reported that about 10% of women are likely to get affected with development of cancer cells and more than 200,000 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer recently. Irrespective of awareness and knowledge about the disease, the number of patients getting affected with cancer is increasing gradually.

In addition it is common in woman to educate themselves with the possible causes and signs of breast cancer, their risk of developing cancer cells, types, stages and effects of breast cancer, reducing the risk factor by taking several preventive measures, etc., Late pregnancy or no pregnancy, earlier initial menstrual period, extended and menstrual cycle, continuous intake of oral contraceptives, birth control pills, obesity, smoking, alcohol, etc are the controllable causes. However, breast cancer caused due to genetic factors and family history is beyond our control. It is unsure to state that women who are always conscious about their health and maintain a healthy body will never get breast cancer. Similarly, smoking and alcohol is considered one of the main causes of breast cancer and women who have never smoked or consumed alcohol in their lifetime are also not exempted and can obviously get affected with breast cancer.

When you identify lumps in your breast during self-breast examination, you need worry that you may be affected with cancer, because more than 75% of lumps are found to be non-cancerous.

Based on the age factor and percentage of risk, the following recommendations are offered to detect the cancer. Women at their younger age are required to take monthly self-examination after few days of their menstrual cycle, clinical breast examination at least once in a year. Women with increased risk of breast cancer above the age of 40 years should do regular self-breast examination, period medical examinations, mammogram once in six months and educate themselves with causes that increase the risk of cancer. Detection of cancer at the early stage can makes women to survive for a longer period.

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