Learn about the Non-cancerous Tumors

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Learn about the Non-cancerous Tumors

Tumor! One of the most frightening terms that makes people terrible! Of course, the spread of cancer and the percentage of world population affected by cancer are just awful! However, the term tumor doesn’t always refer to cancer cells, rather they could be non-cancerous too!

Tumors are classified into two types, cancerous and non-cancerous. Former is termed malignant tumors and later is benign tumors. Every single individual in the world develop non-cancerous tumors, aka benign tumor at some point of time in the life. Yes, benign tumors are characterized as a small bump or a mass of cells accumulated, forming a lump beneath the skin. This type of tumor is mostly harmless and they don’t spread. However, they may turn harmful when the tumors are found in nerves or blood vessels.

The major difference between a malignant and a benign tumor is the way they affect the body. Non-cancerous tumors doesn’t spread or outgrow in the body, whereas malignant tumors spread rapidly throughout the body.

What causes non-cancerous tumors?

The exact cause of non-cancerous tumors is not known! A number of factors contribute together to amass the cells in a specific part of the body. However, following are the few reasons that may lead to formation of non-cancerous tumors!

•    Exposure to radiation or certain toxic or chemicals and pollution

•    Intake of certain medications for a long term

•    Genetics

•    Internal inflammation

•    Allergy to certain foods or diet

•    Infections

•    Minor to moderate injury

Often, benign tumors are asymptomatic. They show up very least symptoms and therefore it becomes difficult to diagnose the condition. Some of the common symptoms include reduced blood flow (due to accumulation of masses at one place), nerve compression, low or high level thyroid (most common condition when there is a lump in the neck), indigestion, stomach pain, discomfort in the stomach, (due to tumors in the colon), etc.

Types of non-cancerous tumors and how they are addressed

Tumors may develop in any part and in any structure of the body. It is treated based on the part of the body affected by tumor.

Adenomas are the common form of tumors. It develops in the epithelial tissues, inside the upper layer of the skin, on the skin cells. To name a few examples, thyroid gland tumor, pituitary gland tumors, colon tumors, etc.  This type of tumor is often removed by a minor surgery.

Fibromas! It is a quite popular kind of tumor and also termed as fibroids. It grows in connective tissues of the body. For instance, fibroids are very common in women and it is found in uterus. Fibroid tumors may not turn cancerous. Yet, these non-cancerous tumors are quite frightening. They ruin the fertility, causes chronic pain, menstrual problems, vaginal infection, pelvic problems, etc in women.

Benign tumors may not need any specific medication. They evade on their own! Still, there is a risk of developing malignant tumors. It is essential to follow a healthy and active lifestyle to avoid developing cancer cells in the body.

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