Lesser Known Causes of Infertility

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Lesser Known Causes of Infertility

Inability to conceive is one of the painful syndromes of the recent past. The rate of infertility is on the growing side. There are many medical reasons that cause infertility. Especially in women, any damages or a disorder in the uterus and pelvic region which includes the other tiny internal organs leads to infertility. For instance, polycystic ovarian syndrome! The minor to moderate cysts affects ovulation and delays pregnancy!

However, infertility is also caused by many other factors, which are not well-known. Learn about the lesser known causes of infertility to brace you!

Not having regular sex

Yes, this could be a major reason for not getting pregnant; rather we say it as infertility! Around 90 to 95 percent will conceive in a couple of years of having regular unprotected sex! If you don’t have any underlying medical issues then plan for your pregnancy!


Age is a major cause of infertility in women! In the recent years, more women prefer marriage almost when they reach 30 years! The rate of fertility tends to drop year by year after in 30s! It is widely recommended by healthcare professionals to plan for a baby during the mid of end of 20s.

So called modern women are more likely to delay the marriage due to many reasons, especially, they the job, rather CAREER! Besides, even when married at a right age, both men and women postpone having the baby for many reasons like getting settled, enjoying the marital bliss, they are too young or too inexperienced to have babies, etc. These causes utterly lead to age a major of infertility!

Over exercises

Staying fit flattering the super sculpted physique is loved by everyone! This makes them gain an extreme conscious over their physique. Either they go for doing excessive exercise! Anything excessive is definitely harmful, even the nectar! Remember this and don’t overdo your physical activity.

Eating Disorder

Both overeating and under eating affects the fertility. Women who are extremely overweight and underweight experience fertility problems.

Chemical Exposure

It is impossible to live in a place that is free from pollution! Noise pollution, air pollution, water contamination, etc are very common. However, exposure to certain types of chemicals leads to infertility. Sadly, many are unaware about the chemical exposure, rather intake. Yes, they are herbicides, pesticides used in cultivation of crops and vegetables! Intake of any veggie is cultivated with an herbicide may completely ruin the health, besides impacting the fertility.

Genetically modified foods are to be blamed! Don’t try to cook-up something new with GMO foods that may ruin your generation!

In addition, exposure to solvents and metals also causes infertility.

Infertility is not a girl’s thing! It is a guy’s thing too!

Around 30 percent of infertility population accounts to men!

Quick tips for men to improve fertility rate!

• Don’t keep your laptop on your lap! Save your lap for your baby! Place the laptop on any table or work desk.

• Reduce radiation caused due to prolonged use of cellphones. When the battery is low, it creates more radiation.

• Avoid taking hot baths in tubs and saunas.

• Keep the phones away from your body!

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