Sexual Problems in Women – The Hidden Implication

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Sexual Problems in Women – The Hidden Implication

Sexual problems in marital life are common across many cultures. Yet, unlike western countries, where sexuality is publicized like an advertisement, women in countries like India are still reserved when it comes to expressing the sexual problems. In spite of lack of control over exposure to sexual content, still talking about sexual concerns is felt embarrassing.

Sexual problems carry a ripple effect in all aspects of life, ruining the marital bliss, relationship with family and friends, surroundings, work, etc. Media portrays sex is something easy, effortless and spontaneous! Magical moments are still possible but it doesn’t happen in a jiffy! Women don’t experience too much physical discomfort in sexual dysfunction when compared with men! Even men -counterpart presumes themselves to be in trouble! Sexual problems do occur in women too, but in a different context!

More than 60 percent of married women (from 20s to 60s) revealed that they experience sexual problems in different facets. However, it is not understood apparently. When you consider something upsets the women, it is not so! Revealing the hidden implications that lead to sexual problems in women!

What is sex – from a woman’s POV

Sex isn’t just about intercourse from a woman’s point of view. It is a more intimate activity that involves cuddling, fondling, oral sex, stimulating and intercourse.

Some of the common sexual problems experienced by women (most of them are emotional discomfort)

• Just not in the mood or not aroused to share an intimate moment with partner

• Insufficient stimulation (men simply stimulated in a few seconds, but women need more time to prepare themselves)

• Fear over pain

• Fear about sexual abuse

• Personal attitude

• Don’t carry the desire to involve in sexual relationship

• Not contented with the way the partner behave

• Difficulty having orgasms or having orgasm too quick!

• Vaginal dryness or infection

• Tiredness

Hormonal imbalance in women also leads to sexual problems in women which may relate to lack of mood, problem with orgasm etc.,

How to address sexual problems in women?

Not all the sexual problems experienced by women need medical treatment. Most of the problems vanish away easily. For instance, stimulation, getting the partner into mood, etc are just possible. Besides, talking with the partner about involving in the sexual relationship helps change the outlook as well behavior of the partner. Similarly, pain during intercourse can be sorted easily.

When it comes to physical problems, addressing the health concerns eliminate the sexual problems. In most cases, having a healthy and funny chat with partner, talking and clarifying their barriers ease out the sexual problems in women. Yet, certain sexual problems need medical attention. For instance, sudden intense pain during intercourse needs immediate medical attention.

• Patience is required as time just heals everything (in case of newlywed)

• Spice your romantic life

• Wear your favorite color

• Make yourself relaxed. Get a warm bath.

• Eat libido boosting foods to spice your sex life

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