Libido Increasing Foods for Men and Women

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Libido Increasing Foods for Men and Women

Both men and women suffer from lack of sex drive due to various factors. There is no requirement to visit the doctor and get prescription medication to increase the libido. The sex drive can be increased naturally in many ways. The simplest way to kick start the sex drive is eating the libido boosting foods. These foods stimulate the mood, psyche and have relaxing, tactile, muscular strengthening effects. Here is the list of few ‘love foods’ to boost your sex drive.


The yummy way to boost your libido is eating chocolates. Chocolates being made from the super food Cocoa contain loads of anti-oxidants. Also, it has the brain stimulating chemicals that relaxes the mind and body, which in turn brings the sensory excitement. Many would have got instant relaxation and happiness after eating a piece of chocolate. It is because of the stimulating element of cocoa. Get a daily dose of cocoa in form of dark chocolates or organic chocolates for a more active sex life.

Chillies / Cayenne Pepper:

Chillies, the spice that gives kick to the spicy foods also heats up your sex life. Capsaicin, a chemical in the hot and spicy chillies increases the endorphin levels. Elevated endorphin naturally spices your libido to a great extent. Do not forget to grab some hot and spicy foods with chillies to pump your libido.

Cook a spicy meal to plan for a romantic night! Who said chocolates are love bites? Even chillies do!


The super delicious fruit of the summer is a natural Viagra. The cool, refreshing and juicy fruit contains the amino acids called Citrulline. It promotes the cardiovascular system and relaxes the blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessel with increased blood circulation increases the libido. Watermelon is also a versatile fruit to eat in many ways.

Well, sun is just above you troubling you with its hot rays! Get loads of watermelon combined with multiple benefits of getting the sex boost as well as health boost!


It is a highly sensual food that quickly boosts the sex drive. Figs have been used for centuries and were very precious than gold and diamonds in the ancient ages. Also, figs were one of the most favorite foods of the legendary beauty queen Cleopatra.


Looking for an instant libido enhancer? Then garlic is the right one. Eating raw garlic definitely turns off your partner in bed due to bad odor, yet the heat in the garlic spice your libido. Eating garlic increases the blood flow to the sexual organs thus boost up the sexual desire.

Of course, garlic gives you bad mouth odor. Make sure to use some mouth refresher or eat a cardamom or mint leaves.

The other foods that increase your libido include almonds, cardamom, onions, celery, cinnamon, black pepper, etc. Most spices boost your libido by increasing your hot quotient in the body!

Good old granny tips!

A glass of warm milk with powdered almond, a pinch of cardamom and a zest of cinnamon! An instant libido booster!

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