Tulsi – A Multifaceted Healing Herb

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Tulsi – A Multifaceted Healing Herb

Tulsi, aka basil is one of the holy plants and worshiped! It was hard to find the homes that have no tulsi plants until a few years! The holy plant is one of the miraculous healing herbs. It carries potential remedial powers to cure many ailments. Westerners use tulsi leaves in fresh as well as powdered form almost regularly in their diet! However, in India, tulsi leaves are not used often in foods. The sweet smelling healing plant is hot in nature.

Let us see in brief about the different healing benefits of tulsi.

It works well when you eat a leaf or two in an empty stomach. Tulsi leaves carry the antibacterial properties. It keeps the atmosphere clean and absorbs the pollutants.

Good for cold, flu and cough

Tulsi leaves contain anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. They aids in reducing the cold and cough. It also improves sinus and asthma. Blockages in the respiratory tract and subsequent swelling caused due to sinusitis infection are healed.

Blood purifier

Tulsi leaves are natural blood purifier. We are not assured about the purity of the foods we eat. For instance, herbicides are used. Blood is toxicated very slowly. Consuming tulsi leaves purifies the blood and prevents health maladies.

Treats white discharge

White-discharge in women occurs for many reasons. In general, white discharge happens due to poor immunity. Regular consumption of tulsi leaves helps improving the condition and the overall health is improved.

Regulate digestion

Most of the herbs contain this miraculous property! Yes, regulation of digestion process. This holy plant is not an exception. Tulsi leaves, being a hot herb regulate the functions of the digestive system and aids proper digestion.

Natural mosquito repellent

You can get a natural mosquito repellent, extremely safe to use from dried tulsi leaves. Smoke the dried leaves and spread the smoke to get rid of the mosquitoes.

Other benefits of tulsi leaves

• Reduces high blood pressure and regulate cholesterol levels

• Reduces high fever in younger children

• A natural immune booster

• Controls the blood sugar

• Regulate the bowel movement and prevent constipation, flatulence, etc.

How to use tulsi leaves?

• Pick a handful of tulsi leaves, boil in water, extract the leaves and drink it.

• Add crushed tulsi leaves with honey and eat a tablespoon of this mix everyday

• Add dried or fresh tulsi leaves as a supplement when you brew tea

• Make the food more delicious and aromatic as well healthy with tulsi leaves

• Add a pinch of dried ginger, jaggery and tulsi powder with milk (a good remedy for sore throat, cold, cough and fever)

• Steam or inhale with tulsi leaves to clear the sinus blocks

• Consume tulsi leaves with the seeds everyday in empty stomach. It tones the overall body and soothes the mind.

Quick tips for men:

Dry the tulsi plant roots. Powder the root and consume daily with milk. It increases the sperm counts and a natural boost your sex life!

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