Obesity – Causes

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Obesity – Causes

A few decades back, obesity was a rare occurrence. It is no more so. At one time people identified obesity as the cause for some underlying physical disorder or metal disability. So they sought to control excess weight. But later obesity by and large came to be viewed and specified as being the symbol of good health or good personality. Remarks like “How healthy he looks!” “What a personality he has!” are not uncommon. Even in families where non one is obese, we find children who are either obese from child wood or become obese a few years later.

Some still equate obesity with perfect health. If one loses a few pounds of excess weight, people lament often about how good his health was some days ago and how weak he looked after losing weight. Nevertheless today many people are well informed through various health columns, articles and news items published in periodicals and papers about why obesity is not desirable and why one should control excess weight. People now realize that obesity causes a variety of disorders some of which could prove life threatening.

Discrimination of sex

Obesity also affects youngsters who have reached marriageable age. They find difficult in getting married, as most suitors dislike to get saddled with an obese partner {especially girls}. An overweight male is viewed to be a majestic personality who commands respect and even fear in some cases. However, in case females they are ridiculed, rejected in marriage alliances and even despised in some cases. This is one of the many reasons why women are more figure conscious than men, always seeking various devices and health programmes to reduce their weight. Some women who are highly sensitive to sarcastic remarks about their figures, decide to even starve many a time in order to reduce weight. This is amply borne out by the innumerable advertisements appearing in matrimonial columns of newspapers and magazines seeking beautiful, attractive, slim girls. There are also several incidences of slim girls being rejected because they put on weight a few weeks after their engagement.

Obesity in children

While chubby children are loved by everyone, obese children attract no one. Some of these children are by nature very sensitive and such a treatment from their schoolmates and playmates disturbs them mentally which affects their overall interest in all their activities. Many a time they withdraw into themselves or develop a dislike for sports or games and spend most of the time in isolation, eating or nibbling being their only diversion.

Some mentally handicapped children, as in Down’s syndrome, are found obese. Thought these children have normal weight at birth they to become obese as they grow older. There are two reasons for this, wrong eating habits and lack of exercise. Feeding such children is an extremely tiring an time consuming job because of the non-coordination of their muscles and very slow movements of their limbs as well as the inability to chew the food thoroughly before swallowing. Hence they are mostly fed soft food. This deprives them with the need for thorough chewing. Because of the slow movements of their muscles and joints, exercise is also denied to them.

Obesity – An obstacle

Obese persons are referred to as “Flesh Mountains” or “road rollers”. They are often ridiculed and even scored at. Those who know that obese people lack good health would, however, pity such persons.

A true incident which took place in a small village, describes how obesity prevented a mother from saving her child from getting crushed under a speeding truck. The child was playing near the road leading to highway, when the mother noticed a speeding truck heading directly towards the child, in its attempt to avoid other oncoming traffic. Terrified at the prospect of the child getting crushed, she rushed to save the child but her huge body slowed down her reflexes and movements. She reached the child when it was too late.

It is a common sight to see a stout person boarding an over-crowed bus puffing and panting, making his way through the crowd causing untold discomfort to the other passengers. Some may be bold to remark about the poverty in the country where some people do not get even two square meals a day, where as some eat themselves to bursting point. Some others offer unsolicited advice to the conductor to charge the stout man for two persons in view of his bulk.

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