Can ladies finger cure diabetes?

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Diabetes is the most common condition that has affected people across the world. Recently it has been found that it is possible to completely cure the condition with the help of ladies finger. The ladies finger is also commonly called as the okra, which is used by various cultures from several years. They are a good source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, antioxidants and very low in cholesterol. Ladies finger is definitely a positive addition to your daily diet. You can prepare the okra in many ways, just slice it up and fry it with your favorite spice or use them in your soups and stews to get the best benefits of ladies finger.

Research on health benefits

Modern studies have supported the fact that can stabilize blood sugar levels and thereby very useful for people with diabetes. The results of various studies have suggested that you no more have to rely upon the insulin and other medications to bring your blood sugar levels to normal, if you start incorporating okra in your diet. Researchers in ISRN pharmaceutics have tested the effect of ladies finger on rats, by soaking the okra pods in water and inserting the solution to them. And the results are surprising, since there was a drastic reduction in the blood sugar levels in the treated rats. This happens because okra helped to reduce the absorption of glucose and blocked the absorption of sugar in the intestinal tract.

Just take two raw ladies finger, cut the ends and slit them lengthwise into four parts. Keep these parts in the water overnight and drink the soaked water on an empty stomach the next morning. By doing this on a daily basis, the blood sugar levels can be reduced. Okra is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease since it is low in cholesterol. It has the glycemic index of about 20, so this is a boon to diabetic patients since diabetic patients are advised to have low glycemic index. They are enriched in soluble fibers and digestion process will be slowed down which in turn lowers the sugar levels in blood. There will be kidney problems for diabetes type 2 patients and ladies finger is also helpful in this case too.

Things to avoid

Always remember that only raw ladies finger can cure diabetes than the cooked ones. It is not advisable to finely fry the ladies finger in vegetable oil and have the crispy ones. Instead they can be added in soups and curries. Anything in excess will also create trouble, so a balanced diet or a minimal cholesterol diet should be followed even while you use this vegetable.

If you are using metformin, a medication used to manage the blood sugar levels, then you should not consume too much of okra, as it interferes with the absorption of these medication and your sugar levels will move up instead of coming down. Doctors will definitely not recommend drinking the okra water every morning if at all you are taking metformin. Consult your doctor always before you follow the herbal remedies, though you feel it is safe to do so.

Though there is no evidence that shows ladies finger will cure diabetes, studies have suggested that it helps to control the blood sugar level. So diabetic patients can incorporate okra in their diet and also maintain a healthy weight and keep exercising regularly for a happy life.

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