Female Urinary problems and their treatment!

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Most women experience the urinary problems, while one may feel the need to urinate more frequently even during the night time; one can have serious problems like urinary tract infections (UTIs). Women experience pain and discomfort in the lower region during these troubles. So doctors always advice them to recognize the warning signals of the bladder problems and consult a good gynecologist to know the exact problems in their urinary system. Some of the urinary problems may include:​

  1. Bladder control problems
  2. Urinary incontinence
  3. Dysuria
  4. Urinary tract infections

In such situations, it is wise to seek specialists like urogynecologist, urologist or a geriatrician. Also some of the natural remedies can help to keep the harsh symptoms at a bay.

Non-medical remedies for urinary problems

  1. Overactive bladder –bladder retraining and pelvic floor exercises will definitely relieve the urge to rush to the loo. Herbal supplements can also increase the bladder capacity and reduce the number of bladder contractions by acting on the nervous system. Cleavers are the herbs which soothe the bladder and protects against irritation.
  2. Inflammation–applying heat to your bladder can bring some good relief to the constant, nagging discomfort and gently relax the muscles. Ginger tea will reduce the pain of the inflammation and can be used as substitute for the medications which can have nasty side effects.


There are certain herbs which certainly are a useful addition to the medications or other treatments you are taking for the urinary problems.

 Herbs that improve urinary problems

  • Barosma betulina –It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and diuretic properties which can be used to treat bladder and kidney infections. They nourish the bladder tissue and improve the overall health of the urinary system.
  • Corn silk –it has a soothing effect on the urinary tract and is a remedy for some urinary infections which has been used since a long time.
  • Horsetail – it is a fern which is used to treat urinary tract infections, incontinence, kidney and bladder stones
  • Parsley water – relieves the urinary tract infections and heals up the infection sooner by acting as a diuretic.
  • Celery seeds – the production of urine can be increased by chewing a handful of the seeds.
  • Cucumber– the higher water content is a great way to get additional fluid to the system.


Experts say that several herbs have the ability to improve urinary urgency, night time urination, and other problems. You can include a variety of herbs in your diet which can have a synergistic effect in addressing some of the infections to the urinary system.


Things to follow for good health of urinary system

  1. Most important thing is to drink plenty of water, especially if you have a UTI as it washes out the nasty bacteria.
  2. Never hold on to pee, because it gives chance for the bacteria to drastically multiply in the number and cause infections.
  3. Avoid caffeine, citrus, chocolate and carbonated foods, as they may irritate the lining of the bladder.

Knowledge about these natural methods can definitely help women to lead a happy life without any problems. Healthy life will only be possible when the right treatment is taken for these kind of problems, so always consult a good doctor who can suggest you the relevant treatment.


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