Reward of Prosperity and Changer of Lifestyle

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Reward of Prosperity and Changer of Lifestyle

In the developed countries people enjoy the fruits of development and technological advancement. For almost all routine chores, mechanization is available to them because of their affluence. This leads to their getting minimum physical exercise. This is to first step towards obesity.

Sometime back, there was a report in the newspapers that in one of the advanced countries, mini-cars were being used for going about within their expansive offices and work areas. In many homes three tot four connections of telephones, intercoms, remote controls etc., restrict even the bare minimum movement of even young children. Time and labour saving devices have denied us good health and a trim body.

Refrigerator – The culprit

Refrigerator was invented for utility purpose. If vegetables, dairy products or medicines are stored and preserved, it would certainly be considered a necessity rather than a luxury. But what we find generally is that a fridge is converted into a store-house for all sorts of left-overs of cooked food items, cold drinks, and ice-creams. While refrigeration destroys the nutritional value of cooked food, soft drinks, ice-creams, cakes, puddings and the like, it often results in many avoidable maladies, obesity being one of them. Storing food items gives an easy access to them and encourages frequent eating habits.

Obesity & eating pattern

That luxurious eating habits and lifestyles confine only to royal families, is no more true today. People who are unable to make two ends meet, try to imitate them even at the cost of incurring debts. Trying to keep up with the Joneses, be it a marriage party or any other function, encourages people to serve readily available food items rich in calories and refined carbohydrates. Catering services have become a thriving business. Tailor-made lunch and dinner kept warm on spirit lamps to retain heat constantly to be served fresh further make the food more refined and add more calories to it.

A Royal disease

Obesity can be called a Royal disease. From among the various terminologies under “Royal Games”, we will for our purpose take the example of only two, i.e.”Royal Games” and “Royal road”.

Royal games include games like Chess which do not provide any physical exercise to the players and is generally played indoors. In those days, kings and nawabs played chess whenever they were in need of diversion and relaxation. The present generation has found exposure in abundance to such games {video games being one of them} and these breed in the children and youngsters the tendency to avoid other sports and outdoor games which give physical exercise.
Royal Road, which stands for a short and easy way to overcome difficulties, has come to play its own role. Progress and advantagement towards better living conditions of the people all over the world, has brought with it many disadvantages too. Comfortable an d luxurious life style of living influenced by the television network and magazines, constantly keeps projecting all labour saving devices one could acquire for their day-to-day living. People least realize that by falling a prey to these devices, they are gradually getting alienated from much needed normal exercise, which these chores provide.

Feast and festivals

An important destabilizing factor is the celebration of festivals in our country. We have festivals for the asking throughout the year and at such occasions more than the real significance behind celebration of such festivals what most commonly occurs is indiscrete consumption of rich, fatty and refined food at untimely hours. Even festivals that advocate completer fast have been modified by eating sweets and savories made out of sugar, ghee etc. Birthday parties of even infants are celebrated with a lavish dinner where ice-creams, cold-drinks and cakes are served and consumed even during the very cold winter months. Overloading the stomach under these circumstance on a very regular basis cannot but make one put on more weight.

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