Penis Health – What you should know!

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Penis Health – What you should know!

Penis health isn’t just about sexual health or something that is solely related to sexual practice. There is a lot about these reproductive organs over worrying about an erection, or ejaculation or simply reproduction. Any issues with this organ don’t merely reflect in the poor sexual performance, rather an indication of an underlying health condition. In fact, the underlying health condition ruins your sexual health. A number of reasons may affect the health of the genital organs in men. Here is an outlook about penis health.


Diabetes, the high level of glucose in the blood stream directly impacts the health of the penis. It leads to poor blood flow to the genital organs, resulting with erectile dysfunction.

High Cholesterol and triglycerides

There is a direct relationship with high cholesterol and triglycerides with poor penis health. Yes. High level of these unhealthy fats in the body hardens the arteries, affecting the blood veins, restricting the blood flow. Triglycerides are nothing but excess calories stored as fat deposits in the body.


If you take any analgesic or anti-depressant or even a paracetamol for your headache (often), you are exposed with the risk of ruining the penis health.


One of the unhealthiest and inarticulate habits in many young men, especially teens is masturbation. It not just ruins the sexual health and affect the organs of the individuals, but also make them impotent. Masturbation is a slow killer.

Psychological Issues

More than 60 percent of men, who tend to have an insecure feeling about their health, believe it so mainly due to psychological issues. Stress related hormones impact the reproductive hormones. To put it directly, you may not get aroused when you are stressed. Besides, depression is directly linked with libido loss. Whether you are depressed mildly or madly, it results with problems in erection.

Child Abuse

Believe it or not, boy children are equally abused as girl children. In fact, the risk of getting abused is more in boys. When the men are sexually abused in their younger age, they are more likely to develop health problems in genital organs.

Yeast Infection

When the genital organs lack proper hygiene and self-care, it leads to yeast infection. The infection irritates the skin with white or red rashes / patches. Similar to the white discharge in women, the sign of yeast infection in men is white discharge with foul smell.

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