Home remedies for Hiccups

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Home remedies for Hiccups

Hiccup is a temporary condition which can occur to any one at any time in life. Diaphragm is an internal muscle which separates the chest and abdomen. It plays an important role while breathing. The involuntary contractions of the diaphragm are the cause of hiccups. During each contraction there will be a sudden closure of vocal cords which produces the “hic” sound.

Common Causes

Hiccups can be caused due to various reasons such as over eating, consuming alcohol or fizzy drinks, sudden excitement, emotional anxiety or during or after Anesthesia in case you have recently undergone an operation or surgical procedure. Most of the times hiccups last temporarily and could be annoying, embarrassing and irritating too. If it lasts for months together then it could be a sign of malnutrition, electrolyte imbalance or kidneys malfunction.


  • If hiccups are mild then hold your breath and swallow all the saliva in your mouth or dry small morsels of food continuously or have water slowly and continuously. This will stop the hiccups. If you are unable to hold your breath naturally then close your nose by pressing and do the swallowing action. This will definitely do the trick.

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  • Relaxation is another good option. Try relaxing and sit still. Take slow deep breaths. This will help in expanding and contracting your lungs and will stop the hiccups.
  • Throwing up or vomiting is considered as another remedy. This is for people who feel they have over eaten. One can insert a finger right inside the mouth or throat. Due to tingling or irritating sensation you will tend to throw up the extra amount of food and will make you feel better.
  • Some also say that the old traditional method of consuming a teaspoon of sugar could also stop hiccups. Leave sugar on your tongue and let it dissolve. Do not chew on it. This allows spasms to regulate inside the diaphragm thus stopping the hiccups.
  • Try distracting yourself by singing a song, watching TV or doing anything that you like. Gargling with warm water are some other remedies.
  • Inhaling turmeric smoke or black pepper. This would result in sneezing which is a drastic movement within the respiratory tract. This will put an end to hiccups.
  • Add 2 tbsp. of salt to ½ bowl of curd. Mix well and consume this curd for relief.

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  • Boil 2 saucers of water with 5-6 crushed green cardamoms and boil till it reduces to half. After it cools down, strain the water. Consume it slowly while it is warm. This is very good natural remedy for hiccups as it soothes and calms down the irritation in diaphragms.
  • Another proven but difficult method is to swallow a mixture clarified butter and mustard seeds. Mix 1/2 tsp. of butter with 1/2 tsp. of mustard seeds. This is a natural remedy for stopping hiccups immediately.

You should not underestimate hiccups as they could lead to worse conditions. Do not wait for complications to arise and visit a doctor if the occurrence is very continuous.

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